Writings by Michael Young

Title Publication Date
Syria, the United States, and the War on Terror in the Middle East Middle East QuarterlyWinter 2007
Middle East Studies in the News
Title Publication Date
Fouad Ajami, or the Death of a Paradox The Daily Star (Lebanon)June 25, 2014
Middle East 'Expertise' Test is an Ad Hominem Fallacy [incl. Tariq Ramadan] The National (UAE)May 20, 2010
The Blogosphere's Foreign Informant [on Joshua Landis] The Daily Star [Beirut, Lebanon]March 15, 2007
Icarus Cole ReasonMay 3, 2006
A Modest Proposal for Syria ReasonSeptember 17, 2005
Cole Hitchhikes ReasonSeptember 7, 2005
Juan Gets An "F" ReasonAugust 3, 2005
A Trained Seale Goes Rogue [on Assad biographer Patrick Seale] ReasonJune 16, 2005
Doran Doran ReasonMay 24, 2005
Doctors No ReasonApril 21, 2005
Shallow Juan ReasonFebruary 11, 2005
The Suicide of Shahid Alam ReasonDecember 30, 2004
A Frenchman Fries Middle East studies in the U.S. ReasonDecember 29, 2004
Edward Said and Fouad Ajami: exile and the empire Daily Star (Lebanon)October 2, 2003