Writings by Michael Curtis

Articles in Middle East Quarterly
Title Publication Date
Jews, France, and Orientalism Middle East QuarterlyFall 2018
Title Publication Date
To Hell in a Handbasket: Carter, Obama, and the "Arab Spring" Middle East QuarterlySpring 2014
Middle East Studies in the News
Title Publication Date
Rutgers University Must Deal With Anti-Semitism [incl. Jasbir Puar] American ThinkerDecember 1, 2017
Bernard Lewis and Islam American ThinkerJune 5, 2016
Bernard Lewis: The Intellectual Giant and the Grasshoppers American ThinkerJuly 13, 2015
Fouad Ajami: Honest Commentator on the Middle East American ThinkerJune 28, 2014
Nonviolent Islamism in the News
Title Publication Date
The State Department should Leave the Istanbul Process American ThinkerNovember 10, 2013
The Danger of Populism in France and Elsewhere American ThinkerOctober 20, 2013
Brussels: European Capital or Islamic Center? American ThinkerMarch 10, 2013