Writings by Martha Lee

Articles by MEF Staff and Fellows
Title Publication Date
Claims of 'Islamophobia' at Hamline University Fail to Find Support among U.S. Muslims, Islamists Focus on Western IslamismJanuary 23, 2023
Western Islamists Pan Qatar's World Cup Hypocrisy Focus on Western IslamismJanuary 6, 2023
Islamists Welcome Infamous Social Media Star Andrew Tate into the Fold of Islam Focus on Western IslamismNovember 9, 2022
For Western Islamists, Not Wearing Hijab Worse than Killing Protesters in Iran Focus on Western IslamismNovember 7, 2022
Farce or Progress? Macron Tries to Expel an Islamist Focus on Western IslamismSeptember 9, 2022
Macron Now Has a Modest Mandate to Counter Islamism in France Focus on Western IslamismApril 26, 2022
British NGO with Jihadist Ties Complains of 'Persecution' in France Focus on Western IslamismMarch 29, 2022
American Islamists Split over Sexual-Identity Issues Focus on Western IslamismMarch 15, 2022
Turkey Lobbies to Outlaw Criticism of Islamism in Europe Focus on Western IslamismMarch 9, 2022
Uncovered Qatari Regime Data Reveals Funding of Hardline Islamists Across the West The European ConservativeJanuary 17, 2022
True Taqiyya New Age IslamNovember 17, 2021
CAIR's 9/11 Tips to Teachers Whitewash Islamist Role in Attack The American SpectatorSeptember 18, 2021
Pakistan's Terror-Connected Islamist Network in Houston Revealed FirstpostJune 4, 2021
The DAWN of an Islamist Think Tank in DC The Investigative JournalJanuary 4, 2021
Islamist Lawfare and the Case of Sam Westrop KapitalisDecember 3, 2020
France Decides to Fight Islamism with ... Islamists The National ReviewOctober 27, 2020
CAIR 'Exposes' Itself JNSAugust 26, 2020
Misselling Tunisia's Salafis The Investigative Project on TerrorismJune 10, 2020
Stand With Kashmir Linked to Violent Islamists and Terrorists The Print (India)May 26, 2020
Investigation Exposes Terror Ties Behind Islamist Charity's Humanitarian Facade The Investigative Project on TerrorismApril 6, 2020
Leftists, Islamists, and Us CauseurFebruary 19, 2020
America Must Avoid the EU's Embrace of Political Islam The American SpectatorJanuary 22, 2020
Tunisia's Islamists Seek American Support The Daily WireOctober 4, 2019
Women's March Fends off Islamist Cry-Bullies JNSSeptember 27, 2019
Emboldened Islamists Call for Theocracy in America The Daily WireAugust 2, 2019
CAIR Leader 'Proud' of Genocidal California Imam The Daily WireJuly 19, 2019
Qatar's American Conservative Lapdogs The Washington ExaminerJune 22, 2019
Islamic Relief and Qatar Implicated in Tunisian Terror Finance Investigation Rabwah TimesFebruary 9, 2019
MAS-ICNA Hosts Several Islamist and Terrorist Speakers in Chicago PJ MediaJanuary 8, 2019
Articles in Middle East Quarterly
Title Publication Date
France's Islamist Challenge: A Top Issue for French Intellectuals Middle East QuarterlySummer 2022
Title Publication Date
Rethinking Islamism Beyond Jihadi Violence: Fighting Ideas, Leaving the Sword Aside Middle East QuarterlyWinter 2024
The Perils of Nonviolent Islamism Middle East QuarterlyFall 2022
Articles by Islamist Watch
Title Publication Date
How Abortion Divides American Islamists Focus on Western IslamismJune 7, 2022
France's Islamist Challenge: A Top Issue for French Intellectuals MEQJune 1, 2022
Islamist Lawfare KapitalisDecember 3, 2020
Rewarding Radical Islamic Education New English ReviewApril 30, 2020
Macron's Counter-Islamist Measures are Ill-Considered JNSMarch 19, 2020
Paris Jihadist's Muslim Brotherhood Imam CauseurOctober 21, 2019
American Islamists Protest Death Sentence for Saudi Cleric JNSJune 25, 2019
Asia Bibi's Case Reveals Islamists' True Colors American SpectatorDecember 21, 2018
Islamist Hate Preachers Gather at ISNA Convention AlgemeinerSeptember 4, 2018
South Asian Islamists Gain Ground in Philadelphia Rabwah TimesAugust 17, 2018
Islamist Watch Blog
Title Publication Date
The Continued Decline of Tariq Ramadan May 5, 2021
The Modern Ikhwani: Self-Help and Jihad April 20, 2021
American Islamist Promoted from Ennahda Party Proxy to Tunisian Power-Broker April 7, 2021
Trump Administration Official Condemns Anti-Semitic Islamic Relief Charity September 3, 2020
CAIR to Comment: January 2020 January 6, 2020
Silencing Muslim Dissent November 26, 2019
CAIR to Comment (October 2019) October 18, 2019
CAIR to Comment (September 2019 Edition) September 19, 2019
Former ISNA Board Member Ordered to Pay $2.5m in Sexual Exploitation Lawsuit August 27, 2019
CAIR to Comment? (July 2019) July 8, 2019
American Islamists Mourn a "Democratic" Martyr June 21, 2019
CAIR Blocks Dissenters January 24, 2019
ISNA Overlooks Anti-Semitism of its Vice-President August 28, 2018
The Worst of Suhaib Webb August 21, 2018
Hate Preachers Address Islamic Relief event in Albany June 19, 2018