Writings by Jonathan Schanzer

Articles by MEF Staff and Fellows
Title Publication Date
Early Warnings Ignored Middle East Quarterly Fall 2011
What Palestinians Are Saying Online Middle East Quarterly Winter 2011
Juan Cole Between Madison and the Mullahs American Thinker October 16, 2009
Islamic Speakers Bureau Backed By Radical Profs American Thinker May 31, 2009
The Professor's Paranoia Jerusalem Post April 19, 2009
Middle East Studies on the Mend? American Thinker January 4, 2009
Meet Ingrid Mattson National Review Online September 11, 2008
Profs Hammer Israel, Fail to Predict Palestinian War American Thinker March 12, 2008
Auctioning Jerusalem Foretells Israeli PM's Demise American Thinker November 13, 2007
Ansar al-Islam: Back in Iraq Middle East Quarterly Winter 2004
The Challenge of Hamas to Fatah Middle East Quarterly Spring 2003
Militant Islam's New Strongholds New York Post October 22, 2002
Different Means, Same End Game FrontPageMagazine.com August 26, 2002
A Visit Here, A Visit There - Why Did One Prompt Violence? Jewish Exponent August 22, 2002
Saddam's Rap Sheet New York Post August 20, 2002
Brent Scowcroft is Wrong: We Must Attack Saddam FrontPageMagazine.com August 20, 2002
Militant Islam's Burgeoning Borders FrontPageMagazine.com August 20, 2002
Extremists on Campus New York Post June 25, 2002
Palestinian Uprisings Compared Middle East Quarterly Summer 2002
[Is Israel] Winning by retreating? New York Post May 22, 2002
At War With Whom? Doublethink Spring 2002
[An Israeli] Withdrawal Won't Work Wall Street Journal April 15, 2002
Is America Winning? New York Post April 8, 2002
Avnery and Post-Zionism on Tour Santa Monica Observer Weekly April 8, 2002
Debating the Middle East Crisis The Hill April 3, 2002
Why We Were Surprised By 9/11 Blueprint Magazine April 2002
In Matters of Counterterror, Israel and Egypt are Peas in a Pod Jewish Exponent March 14, 2002
Attack U.S. and Win Aid New York Post January 28, 2002
Denial: A River in Egypt New York Post January 14, 2002
On to Baghdad?: Yes - The Risks Are Overrated New York Post December 3, 2001
Breeding Ground: Fundamentalists Pervert Teaching of Islam Investor's Business Daily September 24, 2001
Egypt's Peace Wisconsin Jewish Chronicle August 31, 2001
A Gaza-West Bank Split? Middle East Intelligence Bulletin July/August 2001
The "Right of Return" Is Suicide for Israel Jewish Exponent February 8, 2001
Audio, Video and Transcripts
Title Publication Date
The Hamas-Fatah War & Israeli Security MEF Wire November 3, 2008
The Iraq War: How It Was Seen in the Middle East MEF Wire April 21, 2003