Writings by Dexter Van Zile

Articles by MEF Staff and Fellows
Title Publication Date
Students for Justice in Palestine Grooming American Students for Intifada: A First Person Account Middle East ForumMay 3, 2024
Islamist Antisemitism Invades Doctors' Offices JNSApril 25, 2024
Muslim-American Organizations Slander the ADL JNSApril 18, 2024
U.S. Taxpayers Funding Anti-American Mosque in Michigan Focus on Western IslamismMarch 27, 2024
Interview: U.K. Imam Who Took on Interfaith Industry – And Won Focus on Western IslamismMarch 24, 2024
Qatari Investment in Massachusetts Nonprofit — Primary Source — Paying Off Years Later Focus on Western IslamismFebruary 28, 2024
Hamas Supremacism in Boston White Rose MagazineFebruary 8, 2024
Boston's First Muslim City Councilor Cavorts with Extremists at Islamist Gala Focus on Western IslamismJanuary 22, 2024
American Muslims Must Repudiate Pro-Hamas Charities The American SpectatorJanuary 14, 2024
CAIR Director Nihad Awad – And Others Like Him – Must Go Focus on Western IslamismDecember 11, 2023
Chinese Communists Enlist Islamists in War Against the West The Epoch TimesNovember 27, 2023
Not Another Dime to Pro-Hamas Charities in U.S. The American SpectatorNovember 24, 2023
Tania Fernandes Anderson Owes Boston an Apology Boston HeraldNovember 3, 2023
White House Hosts Hamas Fans Focus on Western IslamismOctober 22, 2023
U.S. Islamist Organizations Cheer on Hamas Massacre Focus on Western IslamismOctober 11, 2023
Jihad in the Capital? D.C.-Area Mosque Targeted for Islamist Takeover, Members Allege Focus on Western IslamismSeptember 28, 2023
Islamists in France and UK Call for Murder of FWI Contributor Focus on Western IslamismAugust 19, 2023
Islamists Taking New Approach to Qur'an Burnings Focus on Western IslamismAugust 15, 2023
U.S. Taxpayers Donated $391K to Terrorist-Defending Imam's Two Organizations Focus on Western IslamismJuly 28, 2023
Canada's 'Islamophobia' Witch Hunt Will Soon Come to an End Focus on Western IslamismJuly 12, 2023
Islamist Charity Uses Lawfare to Silence Critics in Canada Focus on Western IslamismJune 15, 2023
A Farrakhan Disciple Works for the Boston DA The American SpectatorMay 16, 2023
Tarek Fatah a Beacon of Courage for Counter-Islamists Everywhere Middle East ForumApril 24, 2023
Hamline U. Prez Lays Down Her 'Islamophobia' Badge Focus on Western IslamismApril 11, 2023
Proposed Massachusetts Law Would Join Mosque and State Focus on Western IslamismMarch 15, 2023
CAIR Condemns Antisemitism? The Backstory Focus on Western IslamismMarch 3, 2023
CAIR Accused of Hiding Behind Anonymous Website to Attack Critics Focus on Western IslamismFebruary 23, 2023
Congressman Challenges USAID on Funding Jihadist-Tied Charity; MEF Uncovered Ties Focus on Western IslamismFebruary 1, 2023
CAIR vs. CAIR at Hamline Univ.; Inciting a Firing Focus on Western IslamismJanuary 25, 2023
Ismail Royer's Journey from Jihadist to Defender of American Civilization Focus on Western IslamismJanuary 24, 2023
Islamists Enforce Blasphemy Laws at Hamline College, Suffer Blowback Focus on Western IslamismJanuary 4, 2023
Islamists Manhandle Journalist for Questioning San Diego Imam About 'Hate Crime' Focus on Western IslamismDecember 2, 2022
An Inside Look at the Decline of Islamism with Former Salafist Umar Lee; Part II: The Akh-Right and Antisemitism Focus on Western IslamismNovember 25, 2022
An Inside Look at the Decline of Islamism with Former Salafist Umar Lee; Part I: Conversion and Disillusionment Focus on Western IslamismNovember 25, 2022
Medical Professionals Fund CAIR's Gathering of Extremists in San Francisco Focus on Western IslamismNovember 16, 2022
Counter-Islamists Meet in a Palace, Make Ambitious Plans Focus on Western IslamismNovember 10, 2022
Waiting on CAIR's Explanation of San Diego 'Hate Crime Story' Focus on Western IslamismNovember 2, 2022
Michigan Town Invites Islamist Antisemite to 'Diversity Dinner' Focus on Western IslamismSeptember 13, 2022
U.S. Muslims More 'Islamophobic' than General Public Focus on Western IslamismSeptember 12, 2022
Texas Mosque Enlists Children into Cult of Iranian Martyrdom Focus on Western IslamismJuly 29, 2022
EU Funds Islamist Groups Defunded by Former Arab Sponsors Focus on Western IslamismJuly 28, 2022
Prominent American Imam Promotes Jihad Focus on Western IslamismApril 21, 2022
Former CAIR Official Cheers for America's Enemies Focus on Western IslamismMarch 16, 2022
Three U.S. Reps call on Garland to Investigate Pakistani Ambassador Focus on Western IslamismMarch 9, 2022
Articles in Middle East Quarterly
Title Publication Date
Blaming Pro-Israel Christians for Palestinian Problems Middle East QuarterlyFall 2023
The "Islamophobia" Regime Middle East QuarterlyWinter 2023
Title Publication Date
The New Crusades—Islamophobia and the Global War on Muslims Middle East QuarterlyWinter 2024
Radical Christianity in Palestine and Israel: Liberation and Theology in the Middle East Middle East QuarterlySpring 2014
MEF in the Media
Title Publication Date
Book Promoted by Willow Creek Church Leaves Readers Ill-Prepared for Peacemaking CAMERAOctober 28, 2013
Middle East Studies in the News
Title Publication Date
Updated: Mahallati not Playing it Straight with Oberlin About Family History CAMERAFebruary 7, 2022
Five Things Oberlin Students Need To Know About Professor Mahallati CAMERANovember 18, 2021
Oberlin Protects Professor Who Supported Mass Murder and Violence in Iran [incl. Mohammad Jafar Mahallati] The AlgemeinerOctober 20, 2021
Noura Erakat's Sordid Cynicism The Times of IsraelSeptember 25, 2019
Anti-Islamophobia Conference Only Tells Part of the Story [incl. Hatem Bazian] The AlgemeinerMay 16, 2018
Ian Lustick Needs A New Map (And Flare Gun) Snapshots (Blog of CAMERA)March 28, 2013
Study Guide on Middle East Misleads Students Snapshots (Blog of CAMERA)September 7, 2012
Tariq Ramadan Obscures the Truth about Muslim Brotherhood Solomonia BlogFebruary 17, 2011
Tariq Ramadan Obscures the Truth about Muslim Brotherhood CAMERA (Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America)February 16, 2011
A Slow and Grudging Retreat in the Face of the Obvious [incl. John Esposito] CAMERA (Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America)February 2, 2011
Campus Watch in the Media
Title Publication Date
Presbyterian Author Omits Crucial Information About College's Founders [on Zaytuna College] Snapshots (Blog of CAMERA)April 5, 2013
Moonlighting: Non-Specialists in the News
Title Publication Date
UMASS Protects Propagandist From Scrutiny [incl. Marc Lamont Hill] JNS (Jewish News Syndicate)September 5, 2019
Articles by Islamist Watch
Title Publication Date
A Farrakhan Disciple Works for the Boston DA The American SpectatorMay 16, 2023
Nonviolent Islamism in the News
Title Publication Date
Anti-Islamophobia Conference Only Tells Part of the Story AlgemeinerMay 16, 2018
Linda Sarsour's Bigoted Discourse at Dartmouth AlgemeinerMay 23, 2017