Writings by David P. Goldman

Articles by MEF Staff and Fellows
Title Publication Date
Countering Hezbollah's Horror Weapons Asia Times September 7, 2016
Weaponized Horror and the Constraints of Conscience Asia Times April 14, 2016
No Prosperity for Iran after Nuclear Deal Asia Times January 27, 2016
Is the Saudi Monarchy on Its Last Legs? Asia Times January 3, 2016
Separating Violent and Peaceful Islam Asia Times December 11, 2015
Obama's Tolerable Level of Terrorism Asia Times December 7, 2015
Cheap Oil Puts the House of Saud at Risk Asia Times October 22, 2015
Europe's Muslim Migrants Bring Sex Pathologies in Tow Asia Times October 14, 2015
Turkey is the Next Failed State in the Middle East Asia Times Online October 10, 2015
What Israel Tells Us About Ourselves Tablet July 2, 2015
Why Netanyahu is Back Asia Times Online May 10, 2015
Cartoons, Muslim Anguish, and Modernity Asia Times Online May 6, 2015
Why Can't Muslims Laugh at Mohammed? Asia Times Online May 5, 2015
Why Don't Americans Trust Republicans on Foreign Policy? PJ Media April 11, 2015
Preempting an Inevitable War with Iran Asia Times Online April 6, 2015
The Middle Eastern Metternichs of Riyadh Asia Times Online March 29, 2015
Obama Administration Missteps Crown Iran as Regional Hegemon PJ Media March 16, 2015
The World Bows to Iranian Regional Hegemony Asia Times Online March 4, 2015
Obama's 'Secret Iran Strategy' Began in 2006 with Robert Gates PJ Media February 8, 2015
China's Growing Middle East Footprint: Israel's Opportunity BESA Center Perspectives February 1, 2015
The Strategic Implications of Iran's STD Epidemic Asia Times Online January 30, 2015
Amid Declining US Influence, China's Mideast Footprint Grows Asia Times November 10, 2014
Does Kerry Think that 18 Million Muslim Refugees Are Irrelevant to ISIS? PJ Media October 20, 2014
Why Europe Is Irrational About Israel PJ Media October 14, 2014
Erdo─čan's Flying Carpet Unravels Asia Times September 23, 2014
14 Million Refugees Make the Levant Unmanageable PJ Media September 8, 2014
Sherman's 300,000 and the Caliphate's Three Million Asia Times August 12, 2014
Hamas Wants to Die PJ Media July 15, 2014
The One-State Solution Is on Our Doorstep Tablet Magazine July 14, 2014
More sitcom than CENTCOM Asia Times March 10, 2014
Israel at a Point of No Return - In the Right Direction PJ Media February 12, 2014
Turkish financial crisis adds to region's chaos Asia Times February 5, 2014
Don't Cry for ME-Argentina Asia Times January 27, 2014
The End of Erdogan's Cave of Wonders PJ Media December 27, 2013
It's About the Settlements, Stupid PJ Media December 17, 2013
The Dead's Envy for the Living PJ Media November 26, 2013
A Pax Sinica in the Middle East? Asia Times October 28, 2013
US plays Monopoly, Russia plays chess Asia Times September 16, 2013
Gulliver Tied Down by Lilliputians PJ Media September 2, 2013
The Pros and Cons of Attacking Syria PJ Media August 28, 2013
World learns to manage without the US Asia Times August 19, 2013
America's Problems in the Middle East are Just Beginning PJ Media August 15, 2013
Dumb, Dumber, Dumberer in Washington PJ Media July 26, 2013
The Economic Blunders Behind the Arab Revolutions The Wall Street Journal July 12, 2013
Islam's civil war moves to Egypt Asia Times July 8, 2013
Dismiss the Egyptian People and Elect a New One PJ Media July 4, 2013
Syria and Egypt can't be fixed Asia Times June 17, 2013
Russia's new Middle Eastern role Asia Times June 10, 2013
Muslim Civil Wars Stem from a Crisis of Civilization PJ Media June 5, 2013
The economics of the 'Turkish Spring' Asia Times June 3, 2013
Syria's madness and ours Asia Times May 20, 2013
Dumb and Dumber Tablet Magazine May 20, 2013
Who Is James Dobbins? PJ Media May 7, 2013
Snaking the Scotch Asia Times May 6, 2013
Ankara's "Economic Miracle" Collapses Middle East Quarterly Winter 2012
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Title Publication Date
Egypt's Looming Economic Ruin MEF Wire May 30, 2013
Islamic Civilization is Dying MEF Wire November 15, 2011