Writings by Anna Borshchevskaya

Articles in Middle East Quarterly
Title Publication Date
The Treacherous Triangle of Syria, Iran, and Russia Middle East QuarterlySpring 2023
Russia's Goals Go beyond Damascus Middle East QuarterlyWinter 2018
Sponsored Corruption and Neglected Reform in Syria Middle East QuarterlySummer 2010
Title Publication Date
The Soviet-Israeli War, 1967-1973 Middle East QuarterlySummer 2018
The Strong Horse: Power, Politics, and the Clash of Arab Civilizations Middle East QuarterlySummer 2010
My Prison, My Home: One Woman's Story of Captivity in Iran Middle East QuarterlySpring 2010
Audio, Video and Transcripts
Title Publication Date
Russia's Growing Middle Eastern Prowess MEF WireNovember 17, 2016