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  • March 01, 2006|Jonathan Eric LewisMiddle East Quarterly

    Replace Turkey as a Strategic Partner?

  • June 01, 2004|Jonathan Eric LewisMiddle East Quarterly

    Freedom of Speech - in Any Language

    Following the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, many have rightly cited the Middle East's democracy deficit as one of the prime reasons that the region has produced so much terrorism and political violence. In a November 2003 speech to the

  • June 01, 2003|Jonathan Eric LewisMiddle East Quarterly

    Iraqi Assyrians: Barometer of Pluralism

    In "Seventy Thousand Assyrians," a short story penned in 1934, Armenian-American writer William Saroyan's fictional character, Theodore Badal, painted a stark portrait of Assyrian identity: We're washed up as a race, we're...