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Title Publication Date
Specter, colleagues travel abroad, but bid for dialogue yields little Philadelphia Inquirer December 28, 2006
How the West Could Lose New York Sun December 26, 2006
Israel's Domestic Enemy New York Sun December 19, 2006
James Baker's Terrible Iraq Report New York Sun December 12, 2006
Is a Professor's Job to Teach or Obstruct? Washington Examiner December 7, 2006
Carter's Palestinian fantasy No. 242 Philadelphia Daily News December 6, 2006
How to End Terrorism[: With Moderate Islam] New York Sun December 5, 2006
Islam gets concessions; infidels get conquered Los Angeles Times December 5, 2006
Is American Support for Middle Eastern Dissidents the Kiss of Death? AEI Middle Eastern Outlook December 5, 2006
What went wrong: A sober look at Iraq National Review Online December 4, 2006
"Arabs may one day miss George W. Bush" Daily Star (Beirut) December 1, 2006
Redeeming the Wayward University [through Engagement by Outsiders] New York Sun November 28, 2006
Right war, botched occupation USA Today November 27, 2006
Twisted Proverb Private Papers November 24, 2006
Rethinking the Egypt-Israel "Peace" Treaty New York Sun November 21, 2006
A Witch's Brew: The Gutmann Affair and Middle East Studies Washington Examiner November 16, 2006
Nurture Iraqi democracy, from the ground up Los Angeles Times November 16, 2006
Europe is Finished, Predicts Mark Steyn New York Sun November 14, 2006
Ahmadinejad - Hostage Taker? Kommersant (Moscow daily) November 13, 2006
Rumsfeld and the Realists Wall Street Journal November 13, 2006
In 1796, U.S. Vowed Friendliness With Islam New York Sun November 7, 2006
Should airport security procedures include ethnic and religious profiling? Costco Connection November 2006
Tempering Ambitions [in Iraq] National Interest November/December 2006
Mujahideen Desecration: Beheadings, Mutilation & Muslim Iconoclasm The Journal of Generative Anthropology Fall 2006 / Winter 2007
Decision Time on Iran New York Sun October 31, 2006
Why withdrawal from Iraq is the worst option Financial Times October 26, 2006
In Iraq, Stay the Course - but Change It New York Sun October 24, 2006
Conclusion First, Debate Afterwards Weekly Standard October 20, 2006
"Mr. Erdogan's Turkey" Wall Street Journal October 19, 2006
Misguided reconciliation with Baathists Philadelphia Inquirer October 19, 2006
Op Eds Now More Central in War than Bullets New York Sun October 17, 2006
No Islamic Law in Minnesota, for Now October 16, 2006
Don't Bring That Booze into My Taxi New York Sun October 10, 2006
NATO Fights the Jihadis New York Sun October 3, 2006
To end Iran standoff, plan for war New York Daily News October 3, 2006
Warning: Quote History at Your Own Risk Private Papers September 27, 2006
Intimidating the West, from Rushdie to Benedict New York Sun September 26, 2006
Who and What Does the UN Represent? September 21, 2006
The U.S. vs. Iran Wall Street Journal September 20, 2006
Pope Benedict Criticizes Islam [in Regensburg] New York Sun September 19, 2006
Islam's Appeal: Boys will be Boys Private Papers September 19, 2006
Nike and 9/11 New York Sun September 12, 2006
Last Chance for Iraq? National Review September 11, 2006
U.S. Improvising on Security Five Years After 9/11 New York Sun September 5, 2006
CAIR's Twisted Stand on Academic Freedom September 1, 2006
Can Iran Be Trusted? AEI Middle Eastern Outlook September 1, 2006
The Blame Game Harvard International Review Fall 2006
Brief Reviews Middle East Quarterly Fall 2006
Henry Kissinger to Iraq in 1975: "We Can Reduce Israel's Size" Middle East Quarterly Fall 2006
Dissident Watch: Muhammad al-Sharqawi Middle East Quarterly Fall 2006
Ayaan Hirsi Ali: "I Will Continue to Ask Uncomfortable Questions" Middle East Quarterly Fall 2006
Bashar al-Assad's Gamble Middle East Quarterly Fall 2006
How Iraqi Oil Smuggling Greases Violence Middle East Quarterly Fall 2006
Saudi Arabia Woos China and India Middle East Quarterly Fall 2006
How Important Is the Israel Lobby? Middle East Quarterly Fall 2006
The Religious Foundations of Suicide Bombings Middle East Quarterly Fall 2006
Why Do Muslims Execute Innocent People? Middle East Quarterly Fall 2006
Al-Qaeda's Saudi Origins Middle East Quarterly Fall 2006
"Is the West Racist Toward Muslims and Arabs?" Bitterlemons International August 31, 2006
Piggybacking on Terror in Britain New York Sun August 29, 2006
The Fatal Stabbing of Angelo Frammartino, Palestinian Apologist August 28, 2006
An Arrow in Our Quiver National Review August 28, 2006
Time to Profile Airline Passengers? New York Sun August 22, 2006
Al-Manar: Beacon of Hate Tech Central Station August 18, 2006
Strange Logic in the Lebanon War New York Sun August 15, 2006
"At War with Islamic Fascists" August 14, 2006
[London Airline Plot] Plans Destroyed National Review Online August 11, 2006
[Naveed Haq and] "Sudden Jihad Syndrome" in Seattle New York Sun August 8, 2006
Hold Damascus Responsible [for Hezbollah Violence in Southern Lebanon] New York Sun August 1, 2006
Arabs Disavow Hizbullah Jerusalem Post July 26, 2006
All Talk and No Strategy: The limits of diplomacy Weekly Standard July 24, 2006
Targeted Killings July 21, 2006
Israel Has a War to Win Los Angeles Times July 20, 2006
Sending in the peacekeepers is a fool's game New York Daily News July 20, 2006
Multilateralism - A Diplomatic Mantra Die Presse July 19, 2006
Iran Against the Arabs Wall Street Journal July 19, 2006
Israel's Unnecessary War New York Sun July 18, 2006
Eradication First: Before diplomacy National Review Online July 17, 2006
Fight for Mideast democracy faltering Philadelphia Inquirer July 14, 2006
Political Strategies to Counterterrorism The Evolving Threat: International Terrorism in the post 9-11 Era July 12, 2006
Trouble in Londonistan New York Sun July 11, 2006
The US defends its allies Bitterlemons International July 6, 2006
Dangerous Cycle National Review Online July 6, 2006
The Vatican Confronts Islam Jerusalem Post July 5, 2006
"[Symposium] On the Strip: Where To Go from Gaza?" National Review Online June 29, 2006
[Pew Poll on] How Muslims Think New York Sun June 27, 2006
What Jewish Ties to Jerusalem? New York Sun June 20, 2006
Bubba Dubya? Weekly Standard June 19, 2006
Casey, Santorum and Jerusalem Philadelphia Evening Bulletin June 14, 2006
Does the [New York] Police Department Profile? Should It? New York Sun June 13, 2006
Muslim Zionism New York Sun June 6, 2006
Damage Is Done National Review Online June 1, 2006
Dissident Watch: Yücel Aşkın Middle East Quarterly Summer 2006
Correspondence Middle East Quarterly Summer 2006
Brief Reviews Middle East Quarterly Summer 2006
Confronting Islamist Totalitarianism Middle East Quarterly Summer 2006
Assessing the Islamist Threat, Circa 1946 Middle East Quarterly Summer 2006
Armenian Massacres: New Records Undercut Old Blame Middle East Quarterly Summer 2006
Palestine or Peace? A 1960 Jordanian Peace Initiative Middle East Quarterly Summer 2006
Israel and Azerbaijan's Furtive Embrace Middle East Quarterly Summer 2006
Middlebury's Arabic Morass Middle East Quarterly Summer 2006
Debate: "Democracy Is about More Than Elections" Middle East Quarterly Summer 2006
Quantifying Arab Democracy Middle East Quarterly Summer 2006
Democratize but Stabilize Middle East Quarterly Summer 2006
Will U.S. Democratization Policy Work? Middle East Quarterly Summer 2006
Diplomacy is not enough Prospect June 2006
Lying, Defying, and Demoralizing Private Papers May 31, 2006
[West Africa:] New Route to the West New York Sun May 30, 2006
The Tyranny Doctrine Los Angeles Times May 26, 2006
Democrats, Republicans, and Israel New York Sun May 23, 2006
What Would Mohammad Do? Private Papers May 18, 2006
Mr. Olmert Visits Washington New York Sun May 16, 2006
Is Campus Watch Part of a Conspiracy? [On Mearsheimer-Walt and "The Israeli Lobby"] May 12, 2006
I Was an Icelandic "War Criminal" National Review Online May 12, 2006
David and Goliath May 10, 2006
Deterring Tehran New York Sun May 9, 2006
Putting politics before pacifism Philadelphia Inquirer May 9, 2006
Hugging Iraq's Leaders New York Sun May 2, 2006
Subsidizing the Enemy April 28, 2006
About Those Iraqi WMD New York Sun April 25, 2006
Islamic Law at Belmont U April 24, 2006
CAIR Backs Down from Anti-CAIR April 21, 2006
Telephoning the Enemy New York Sun April 18, 2006
An Inadvertent Endorsement of Campus Watch [at Georgia Tech] April 17, 2006
Nuclear Hostage Crisis Wall Street Journal April 14, 2006
Bad News from Slippery Rock New York Sun April 11, 2006
How Israel Can Win New York Sun April 4, 2006
Israel Shuns Victory New York Sun March 28, 2006
White House Nonchalance [toward the Middle East] New York Sun March 21, 2006
Sudden Jihad Syndrome (in North Carolina) New York Sun March 14, 2006
If the King of Pop[, Michael Jackson,] Converts to Islam New York Sun March 7, 2006
Brief Reviews Middle East Quarterly Spring 2006
Europe: "Our Discussions with Iran Have Reached an Impasse" Middle East Quarterly Spring 2006
Does Saudi Arabia Fund Terrorism? Middle East Quarterly Spring 2006
Has the Saudi Kingdom Reformed? Middle East Quarterly Spring 2006
Replace Turkey as a Strategic Partner? Middle East Quarterly Spring 2006
At What Cost Israel-China Ties? Middle East Quarterly Spring 2006
Re-energizing a West Bank-Jordan Alliance Middle East Quarterly Spring 2006
Dissident Watch: Kamal Sayid Qadir Middle East Quarterly Spring 2006
Patterns of Discontent: Will History Repeat in Iran? Middle East Review of International Affairs March 2006
The Islamist Challenge to the U.S. Constitution Middle East Quarterly Spring 2006
CAIR: Islamists Fooling the Establishment Middle East Quarterly Spring 2006
Civil War in Iraq? New York Sun February 28, 2006
Are We Playing for Keeps? Wall Street Journal February 27, 2006
Those Danish Cartoons and Me New York Sun February 21, 2006
How the Cartoon Protests Harm Muslims [by Leading to a Separation of Civilizations] New York Sun February 14, 2006
Hamas and the IRA February 14, 2006
"Moslem States Represent a Potential Threat to World Peace" February 13, 2006
The Clash to End All Clashes? National Review Online February 7, 2006
Cartoons and Islamic Imperialism New York Sun February 7, 2006
[The Hamas Victory and] Prospects for Peace Time Magazine February 6, 2006
Why Hamas['s Electoral Victory] Leaves Me Neutral New York Sun January 31, 2006
[The Hamas electoral victory:] Democracy's bitter fruit National Post January 27, 2006
Hitting the Mark on Iran January 27, 2006
Don't deal with terrorists USA Today January 25, 2006
Iran Means What It Says AEI Online: On the Issues January 25, 2006
[William Blum and] Al-Qaeda's Leftist Brigade New York Sun January 24, 2006
Truce or Taqiyyah Private Papers January 22, 2006
The Pope and the Koran New York Sun January 17, 2006
The Radioactive Republic of Iran Wall Street Journal January 16, 2006
Monsters of the Left: The Mujahedin al-Khalq January 13, 2006
The Mystical Menace of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad New York Sun January 10, 2006
[After Sharon:] Israeli Politics Will Revert to Its Past National Post January 5, 2006
Two Germans vs. Islamism New York Sun January 3, 2006
Don't Dismiss Iranian Rhetoric Týždeň January 2, 2006
Today vs. 1935: Hyperbole or Prescience? International Economy Winter 2006
Dissident Watch: Sami Angawi Middle East Quarterly Winter 2006
Brief Reviews Middle East Quarterly Winter 2006
Correspondence Middle East Quarterly Winter 2006
Akbar Ganji: "Justice in the Face of Tyranny" Middle East Quarterly Winter 2006
Arab Liberals Argue about America Middle East Quarterly Winter 2006
Lynne Stewart, Jihadi Lawyer Middle East Quarterly Winter 2006
Libya and the U.S.: The Unique Libyan Case Middle East Quarterly Winter 2006
Libya and the U.S.: Qadhafi Unrepentant Middle East Quarterly Winter 2006
Zionism in Crisis Middle East Quarterly Winter 2006
Hezbollah's Strategic Threat to Israel Middle East Quarterly Winter 2006
How Afghan Captivity Shaped My Feminism Middle East Quarterly Winter 2006
Juan Cole and the Decline of Middle Eastern Studies Middle East Quarterly Winter 2006