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Philadelphia – Daniel Pipes has joined the New York Times Syndicate, which will henceforth distribute and market his weekly columns.

He started writing the column in early 2000 and through nearly its entire existence it has been New York-based, appearing 2001-03 in the New York Post and 2003-07 in The New York Sun. Additionally, the column is published regularly in such newspapers as the Philadelphia Bulletin, Israel's Jerusalem Post, Spain's La Razón, Italy's L'Opinione, Canada's National Post, and the Australian. Plus, it appears on many websites, including and

Mr. Pipes, a historian, is director of the Middle East Forum and publisher of the Middle East Quarterly. He has written twelve books and his website,, is among the most accessed sources of specialized information on the Middle East and Islam. Two presidents have appointed him to government positions. In addition, Edward Kennedy has Borked him and Edward Said called him an "Orientalist."

Editors interested in running his column, which focuses on the Middle East, Islam, and U.S. foreign policy, should contact his literary agent, Ms. Lynn Chu of Writers' Representatives, Inc., Tel: 212-620-9009, Fax: 212-620-0023, E-mail:

Immediate release
For more information, call Amy Shargel at 215-546-5406, ex. 22