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Title Publication Author Date
Gregg Roman on ISIS after Iraq/Syria, China i24 News June 22, 2017
Can Trump Construct a New World Order? BESA Center Perspectives Efraim Inbar December 18, 2016
China's New Grand Strategy for the Middle East Foreign Policy Gal Luft February 5, 2016
Turkey Finds China Too Big To Bite The Gatestone Institute Burak Bekdil July 12, 2015
Obama Administration Missteps Crown Iran as Regional Hegemon PJ Media David P. Goldman March 16, 2015
The World Bows to Iranian Regional Hegemony Asia Times Online David P. Goldman March 4, 2015
China's Growing Middle East Footprint: Israel's Opportunity BESA Center Perspectives David P. Goldman February 1, 2015
Amid Declining US Influence, China's Mideast Footprint Grows Asia Times David P. Goldman November 10, 2014
A Pax Sinica in the Middle East? Asia Times David P. Goldman October 28, 2013
Pakistan and China: Strengthening Ties The American Spectator Aymenn Jawad Al-Tamimi October 4, 2011
Russian and Chinese Support for Tehran Middle East Quarterly George L. Simpson, Jr. Spring 2010
Saudi Arabia Woos China and India Middle East Quarterly Harsh V. Pant Fall 2006
At What Cost Israel-China Ties? Middle East Quarterly P. R. Kumaraswamy Spring 2006
Providing Arms Middle East Quarterly Dan Blumenthal Spring 2005
Energy First Middle East Quarterly Jin Liangxiang Spring 2005
China's Success in the Middle East Middle East Quarterly Guang Pan December 1997
China Arms the Rogues Middle East Quarterly Frank J. Gaffney, Jr. September 1997


Book Title Publication Author Date
China and Iran: Ancient Partners in a Post-Imperial World
by John W. Garver
Middle East Quarterly Michael Rubin Summer 2008
China and the Middle East: The Quest For Influence Middle East Quarterly Pan Guang and Deng Xinyu Spring 2001
China and Israel, 1948-1998: A Fifty Year Retrospective Middle East Quarterly Pan Guang and Jin Caihong Spring 2001
Revolution and the Millennium: China, Mexico and Iran
by James F. Rinehart
Middle East Quarterly David Cook September 1998

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