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Title Publication Author Date
Middle East Studies Establishment Piles on Israel The Algemeiner Mitchell Bard January 3, 2018
Dhimmis No More: Christians' Trauma in the Middle East The Future of Religious Minorities in the Middle East Daniel Pipes January 2018
Time to Deport New Jersey's Genocidal Imam The Algemeiner Oren Litwin December 20, 2017
A BDS Resolution Is Defeated at the University of Maryland The Times of Israel Jeffrey Herf November 18, 2017
The Rise of Anti-Semitism in the 21st Century Frontier Centre For Public Policy Philip Carl Salzman November 14, 2017
How the Quakers Became Champions of BDS Tablet Asaf Romirowsky and Alexander H. Joffe November 10, 2017
The Plame Truth about Antisemitism in America The Jewish Exponent Gary C. Gambill November 1, 2017
Where Have All the Feminists Gone? Tablet Phyllis Chesler October 2, 2017
BDS Hijacks Anti-Fascism on Campus; Mixed Scorecard on Political and International Fronts SPME BDS Monitor Alexander H. Joffe September 29, 2017
The Accidental Zionist The Jerusalem Post Gary C. Gambill September 5, 2017
What Americans Can Learn from Europeans about Fighting BDS The National Interest Benjamin Weinthal and Asaf Romirowsky August 30, 2017
Where is Western Academia's Outrage at Turkey? The Gatestone Institute A.J. Caschetta August 5, 2017
Turkey's New Morality Police The Gatestone Institute Burak Bekdil August 2, 2017
SPME BDS Monitor: Boycott Marches on, but Double Standards Become Painfully Clear Scholars for Peace in the Middle East (SPME) Alexander H. Joffe July 31, 2017
The Islamization of History The Gatestone Institute Uzay Bulut July 30, 2017
What's Stoking Antisemitism at SF State University? The Algemeiner Cinnamon Stillwell July 19, 2017
SPME BDS Monitor: Academic Situation Improves, Cultural Sphere Worsens The Algemeiner Alexander H. Joffe July 4, 2017
Professors Spin Anti-Semitic Conspiracies at Cal State-Fresno The Algemeiner Cinnamon Stillwell and Michael Lumish June 25, 2017
CUNY's Curious Defense of Linda Sarsour The New English Review A.J. Caschetta June 1, 2017
The Global Left and the Six-Day War Fathom Jeffrey Herf Spring 2017
France's New Islamist Guillotine The Gatestone Institute Denis MacEoin February 7, 2017
What Can Trump Do to Stop the BDS Movement? RealClearWorld Benjamin Weinthal and Asaf Romirowsky February 6, 2017
Three Reasons Why a Double Standard is Imposed on Israel Israfax Philip Carl Salzman January 25, 2017
Justifying Genocide: Ihrig on Germany and the Armenians from Bismarck to Hitler H-Soz-Kult Wolfgang G. Schwanitz January 19, 2017
Anti-Semitism Awareness Act Sparks Hysteria on Campus Ynet Asaf Romirowsky January 10, 2017
Forty-seven Years of Domestic Terror against Jews and Israelis The Weekly Standard Stephen Schwartz December 10, 2016
Millennial Panel Addresses Trump-Related Concerns The Jewish Exponent December 2, 2016
BDS, Political Religion, and the Crisis of the Global Left BESA Center Perspectives Alexander H. Joffe October 28, 2016
Beware Antisemitism's Third Rail The Jerusalem Post Gary C. Gambill October 24, 2016
Where Does Black Lives Matter's Anti-Semitism Come From? The Gatestone Institute Philip Carl Salzman September 21, 2016
Greens Should Follow Germany's Lead and Reject Israel Boycotts Huffington Post Benjamin Weinthal, Asaf Romirowsky and Sheryl Saperia September 20, 2016
Black Lives Matter's Anti-Semitic Bedfellows The National Interest Gary C. Gambill September 13, 2016
How US States Can Promote Israeli-Palestinian Peace The Hill Benjamin Weinthal and Asaf Romirowsky August 8, 2016
Backstage at Turkey's Shotgun Wedding with Israel The Gatestone Institute Burak Bekdil June 14, 2016
Anthropology and Anti-Semitism The Daily Caller Philip Carl Salzman June 7, 2016
Backgrounder: The BDS Movement June 1, 2016
BDS: Squeezing Palestinians to Hurt Israel The Jerusalem Post Asaf Romirowsky and Nicole Brackman May 8, 2016
London Elects a Muslim Mayor Who Defended 9/11 Terrorists Breitbart Raheem Kassam May 5, 2016
Hitler and the Nazis' Anti-Zionism Fathom Jeffrey Herf Spring 2016
Turkey's Runaway Anti-Semitism The Gatestone Institute Burak Bekdil March 10, 2016
In New Low, Scholars Defend Medieval Blood Libel Charges Against Israel The Daily Caller Cinnamon Stillwell March 7, 2016
Syracuse University Professor Exposes Anti-Semitic Foundations of BDS American Thinker A.J. Caschetta February 25, 2016
Healthy Institutions Don't Boycott Israel The Federalist Alexander H. Joffe February 11, 2016
BDS on American Campuses Echoes 1930s Anti-Semitism The Miami Herald Winfield Myers February 7, 2016
Is Facebook Biased Against Israel and Jews? The Daily Caller Johanna Markind January 28, 2016
Anti-Israelism and the Jewish Community The Jerusalem Post Asaf Romirowsky January 25, 2016
The Roots of Anti-Israel Attitudes The Institute for the Study of Global Antisemitism and Policy Efraim Inbar January 6, 2016
The Logic of Islamic Intolerance FrontPage Magazine Raymond Ibrahim December 1, 2015
Steven Salaita's 'Honorable' Anti-Semitism Ynetnews Asaf Romirowsky November 14, 2015
David Cesarani: In Memoriam Fathom Jeffrey Herf Autumn 2015
Backgrounder: Hajj Amin al-Husseini October 30, 2015
Ending a Century of Palestinian Rejectionism The Washington Times Daniel Pipes October 27, 2015
The Real History Behind Netanyahu's Holocaust Comments The Washington Free Beacon Brent Scher October 24, 2015
Why Jews Are Leaving France (Again) Mosaic Michel Gurfinkiel October 22, 2015
Gregg Roman on the 'Inextricable Connection' between Islamists and Hitler Al-Jazeera English October 22, 2015
Netanyahu, Husseini, and the Historians The Times of Israel Jeffrey Herf October 22, 2015
The Essential Dynamics of Political Islam in Turkey and Malaysia The Gatestone Institute Burak Bekdil October 6, 2015
The Middle East Studies Blind Spot: Anti-Semitism History News Network Jeffrey Herf September 27, 2015
The Politicization of Middle East Studies The American Interest Efraim Karsh and Asaf Romirowsky September 18, 2015
'Student Voices' Exposes Anti-Semitism in the College Classroom The Algemeiner Cinnamon Stillwell July 26, 2015
Dispatch from Iraq: The Ghosts of Old Baghdad The Jerusalem Report Jonathan Spyer July 8, 2015
Jihad Apologists Hold 3-Day Conference at UK University Breitbart London Raheem Kassam June 10, 2015
The Growing Cognitive War Against Israel: A Q&A with Phyllis Chesler Breitbart Frances Martel June 3, 2015
Obama Misses the Mark on Iranian Anti-Semitism The Times of Israel Jeffrey Herf June 2, 2015
Hajj Amin Husseini's Anti-Semitic Legacy Middle East Quarterly Boris Havel Summer 2015
That Failed Philadelphia "Islamic Jew-Hatred" Bus Ad The Philadelphia Inquirer Daniel Pipes May 27, 2015
Are Muslims the New Jews? Jihad Watch A.J. Caschetta May 8, 2015
Turkey's 'Crypto-Jew' Problem The Gatestone Institute Burak Bekdil May 5, 2015
New Anti-Semitic Film All the Rage in Turkey The Gatestone Institute Burak Bekdil April 27, 2015
No Racism in Turkey? The Gatestone Institute Burak Bekdil April 23, 2015
Le Pens at War over Jew-Hate? Think Again The Jewish Chronicle Michel Gurfinkiel April 21, 2015
With the Mideast Ablaze, the Left Protests Israeli Fusion Artist Arutz Sheva Phyllis Chesler April 14, 2015
A New War Against the 'Oldest Hatred' The New York Post Phyllis Chesler March 19, 2015
Turkey's Crocodile Tears for the Holocaust The Gatestone Institute Burak Bekdil February 8, 2015
Why Don't the British Like Israel? The Times of Israel Alexander H. Joffe February 5, 2015
Are Jews Safe in Europe? The Philadelphia Inquirer Benjamin Weinthal and Asaf Romirowsky January 15, 2015
In Israel, Jewish Victims of Paris Terror Attack Find Peace The Weekly Standard Jonathan Spyer January 13, 2015
Europeans Fund Anti-Israel Libels Middle East Quarterly Gerald M. Steinberg Winter 2015
Heading for a Jew-Free Turkey The Gatestone Institute Burak Bekdil December 23, 2014
The Turkish Governor's "Huge Hatred" The Gatestone Institute Burak Bekdil November 29, 2014
The Koran and Eternal War Veritas International Enterprise Raymond Ibrahim November 26, 2014
Turkey's "Foreign" Citizens The Gatestone Institute Burak Bekdil November 19, 2014
The Few Brave Men of Turkey The Gatestone Institute Burak Bekdil October 4, 2014
Turkey? Antisemitic? Who, Me? The Gatestone Institute Burak Bekdil October 1, 2014
How Turkey Plans to "Combat Anti-Semitism" The Gatestone Institute Burak Bekdil September 25, 2014
Barbier, Beelzebuth, and Anti-Semitism: The French Socialists' Conundrum PJ Media Michel Gurfinkiel August 11, 2014
It's Anti-Semitism, Stupid The Jerusalem Post Efraim Karsh August 11, 2014
Stop the Jew-Hatred​ and Build Palestine The Toronto Sun Tarek Fatah July 22, 2014
When Did the Quakers Stop Being Friends? The Tower Asaf Romirowsky and Alexander H. Joffe December 2013
The Dead's Envy for the Living PJ Media David P. Goldman November 26, 2013
Islam's Hatred of the Non-Muslim Middle East Quarterly David Bukay Summer 2013
Francois Hollande Praises Anti-Semitic Writer PJ Media Michel Gurfinkiel March 20, 2013
Did the Armenian Genocide Inspire Hitler? Middle East Quarterly Hannibal Travis Winter 2013
France Waking Up to Its Anti-Semitism? PJ Media Michel Gurfinkiel November 15, 2012
The war against the Jews Israel Affairs Efraim Karsh July 2012
No Future in France: Dire Times for French Jews PJ Media Michel Gurfinkiel August 12, 2012
Egypt: Islamists vs. Copts Gatestone Institute Raymond Ibrahim June 20, 2012
The Arab Spring and the Jews Israel National News Aymenn Jawad Al-Tamimi October 6, 2011
A Guide to the Galaxy of Islamic Anti-Semitism Israel National News Aymenn Jawad Al-Tamimi August 15, 2011
Middle Eastern Christians and anti-Semitism The Jerusalem Post Aymenn Jawad Al-Tamimi August 2, 2011
How Anti-Semitism Prevents Peace Middle East Quarterly David Patterson Summer 2011
Delegitimizing the Jewish State Middle East Quarterly Bat Ye'or Winter 2011
Top Muslims Condemn Ground Zero Mosque as a 'Zionist Conspiracy' Pajamas Media Raymond Ibrahim August 19, 2010
Shimon Peres versus the Brits Jerusalem Post Efraim Karsh August 2, 2010
Farrakhan Demands Reparations from Jews National Review Online Daniel Pipes July 13, 2010
Reviving Jewish Race Science at Columbia U Conference American Thinker Brendan Goldman May 23, 2010
A New Anti-Semitism Takes Root on Campus Jewish Exponent Asaf Romirowsky September 13, 2007
Saudi Arabian Airlines Cleans Up Its Act FrontPageMagazine.com Daniel Pipes August 31, 2007
Uniting to Exclude Saudi Arabian Airlines New York Sun Daniel Pipes August 21, 2007
Deciphering Ahmadinejad's Holocaust Revisionism Middle East Quarterly George Michael Summer 2007
Where the Nazi "Big Lie" Endures New York Sun Daniel Pipes May 1, 2007
Educate Students to Counter Voices of Hate Jewish Exponent Asaf Romirowsky March 22, 2007
[Naveed Haq and] "Sudden Jihad Syndrome" in Seattle New York Sun Daniel Pipes August 8, 2006
Iran's Final Solution Plan New York Sun Daniel Pipes November 1, 2005
Musharraf's Historic Speech New York Sun Daniel Pipes September 20, 2005
L.A.'s Thwarted Terror Spree New York Sun Daniel Pipes September 6, 2005
Europe's Problem with Ariel Sharon Middle East Quarterly Suzanne Gershowitz and Emanuele Ottolenghi Fall 2005
What Are Islamic Schools Teaching? New York Sun Daniel Pipes March 29, 2005
Anti-Semitism Evolves New York Sun Daniel Pipes February 15, 2005
Canadian Islamists host [William W. Baker,] a neo-Nazi WorldNetDaily.com Daniel Pipes January 7, 2004
Locus of Euro-hate Jerusalem Post Daniel Pipes December 10, 2003
Deadly Denial [of Muslim Anti-Semitism] New York Post Daniel Pipes October 26, 2003
The Paterson 'Protocols' New York Post Daniel Pipes November 5, 2002
Egypt's Peace Wisconsin Jewish Chronicle Jonathan Schanzer August 31, 2001
American Muslims vs. American Jews Commentary Daniel Pipes May 1999
The New Anti-Semitism Jewish Exponent Daniel Pipes October 16, 1997

Blog Posts

Title Publication Author Date
CAIR Condemns Anti-Semitism...Or Not Middle East Forum Blog Samantha Rose Mandeles December 20, 2017
Why Are Some Feminists So Preoccupied with Israel? Middle East Forum Blog Phyllis Chesler May 24, 2016
Was Muslim Selfie Girl's Anti-Semitism Apology 'Heartfelt'? Middle East Forum Blog Raheem Kassam May 23, 2016
Muslim Media Darling: Hitler Spared Some Jews 'So We'd Know Why He Killed Them' Middle East Forum Blog Raheem Kassam May 21, 2016
Finkelstein vs. Salaita: Battle of the Anti-Israel Profs Middle East Forum Blog Cinnamon Stillwell November 20, 2015
Steven Salaita's Anti-Israel 'Martyrdom' Nets Him $600k + Fees Middle East Forum Blog Cinnamon Stillwell November 13, 2015
UK Anti-Muslim Hate Crimes: A Category of Their Own Middle East Forum Blog Johanna Markind October 17, 2015
Scotland Yard: Hate Crime Equals Anti-Muslim Crime Middle East Forum Blog Johanna Markind September 17, 2015
Hate Crimes Against Jews and Muslims in the UK Middle East Forum Blog Johanna Markind July 31, 2015
Mark LeVine's Internet Rants Continue Middle East Forum Blog Cinnamon Stillwell June 27, 2015
Conspiratorial Anti-Semitism: From Juan Cole to Diane Rehm Middle East Forum Blog Cinnamon Stillwell June 15, 2015


Book Title Publication Author Date
Inter/Nationalism: Decolonizing Native America and Palestine
by Steven Salaita
Middle East Quarterly Diana Muir Summer 2017
Hitler en de Arabieren
by Emerson Vermaat
Middle East Quarterly Beila Rabinowitz Spring 2017
Anti-Semitism: A Specific Phenomenon. Holocaust Trivialization—Islamism—Postcolonial and Cosmopolitan Anti-Zionism
by Clemens Heni
Middle East Quarterly Raymond Stock Spring 2017
Hatred, Lies, and Violence in the World of Islam
by Raphael Israeli
Middle East Quarterly Edward Alexander Spring 2015
Death to the Infidels. Radical Islam's War against the Jews
by Mitchell Bard
Middle East Quarterly Clemens Heni Spring 2015
Jewish Identity and Civil Rights in America
by Kenneth L. Marcus
Jewish Political Studies Review Asaf Romirowsky Spring 2011
Nazi Propaganda for the Arab World
by Jeffrey Herf
Middle East Quarterly Daniel Pipes Summer 2010
The Legacy of Islamic Antisemitism: From Sacred Texts to Solemn History
by Andrew Bostom
Washington Times Raymond Ibrahim May 20, 2008
The Changing Face of Anti-Semitism: From Ancient Times to the Present Day
by Walter Laqueur
Middle East Quarterly Eunice G. Pollack and Stephen H. Norwood Fall 2007
The Jewish Divide over Israel: Accusers and Defenders Middle East Quarterly Gabriel Schoenfeld Summer 2007
The War of Western Europe against Israel
by Joseph Carmi and Arie Carmi
Middle East Quarterly Bat Ye'or Summer 2006
The Forgotten Millions: The Modern Jewish Exodus from Arab Lands Middle East Quarterly Daniel Pipes September 1999
The Damascus Affair
by Jonathan Frankel
Middle East Quarterly Daniel Pipes September 1998


Title Publication Author Date
Mufti Advised Hitler on Holocaust, Says Middle East Forum Scholar Announcement October 21, 2015

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