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Upheaval in Syria and Lebanon

Eyal Zisser, Will Bashshar al-Asad Last?
The father's sins come back to haunt the son

Gal Luft, Israel's Security Zone in Lebanon – A "Tragedy"?
No, it was a success; trouble was, the home front collapsed

Daniel Pipes, "We Don't Need Syria in Lebanon"
Its roots go back to 1920; its demise may have begun in 2000

Simon Haddad, The Palestinian Predicament in Lebanon
Forbidden to settle, but no place to go. What to do?

Alon Peled, Internet Myths in the Levant
The www might create as many problems as it solves

Michael Rubin, Afghanistan: As Bad as Its Reputation?
The Islamic Emirate is more nuanced than Hollywood stars imagine


Taslima Nasrin, "They Wanted to Kill Me"
The most outspoken Muslim-born atheist tells her story


Brief Reviews
Syria … Lebanon … British Palestine … Afghanistan … Yemen


"We Teach Our Children to Express Anger with Muscle"
Political violence begins in the home says `Iyad as-Siraj, a Gazan psychiatrist

Canadian Intelligence: Americans Must Beware of Islamists
Frank talk about "Islamic religious extremism" from an unexpected source

U.S. Anti-Terrorism Panel: Get Serious
The National Commission on Terrorism faults current efforts

"All Syrian Forces Must Leave Lebanon"
Six words that can redeem U.S. policy


Not a Parody: Edward Said
Edward Said throws a stone at Israel, literally

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