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  1. The Revolutionary Guards' Role in Iranian Politics
  2. Germany, Anti-Islam, and Vladimir Putin
  3. Why Arabs Lose Wars
  4. Muslims Must Save Islam from Islamists
  5. Are Judaism and Christianity as Violent as Islam?


  1. Europeans Fund Anti-Israel Libels
  2. Imagine No Religion: The Western Media and Islamic Terror
  3. Muslims Must Save Islam from Islamists
  4. Why Arabs Lose Wars
  5. Germany, Anti-Islam, and Vladimir Putin


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by Gerald M. Steinberg
How they help Zochrot, an Israeli NGO, defame the Jewish state
by Yoel Guzansky
and Yiftah S. Shapir
Tehran's missile arsenal poses a clear and present danger to Gulf security
by Shaul Bartal
Sand's self-loathing book wins him celebrity status in Arab and Muslim societies
by Burak Bekdil
The president aims at Turkey's comprehensive Islamization
Caschetta, Jellissen, Khashan,
Landau, Rubin, Schwartz,
J. & O. Sirrs, and Spencer
Iran & the U.S. ... Islam in Europe ...
Syria & Lebanon ... Christmas in the Qur'an

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