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  1. How Modernity 'Radicalizes' Western Muslims
  2. Worldwide Trends in Honor Killings
  3. The Ultimate Source of Islamic Hate for Infidels
  4. Are Judaism and Christianity as Violent as Islam?
  5. Is Female Genital Mutilation an Islamic Problem?


  1. The Ultimate Source of Islamic Hate for Infidels
  2. The Palestinians' Real Enemies
  3. Contrasting Secular and Religious Terrorism
  4. Assad's Boasts
  5. The End of Evangelical Support for Israel?


Forthcoming Events

The Middle East Forum sponsors speaking events in Philadelphia and New York City. Each of these provides a non-partisan platform to consider the controversial issues of a volatile region from the perspective of a leading actor or respected analyst. Recent speakers include Joseph Sassoon, David P. Goldman, Danny Yatom, Bruce Maddy-Weitzman and Efraim Inbar. Our goal is to discuss a current event or situation by delving deeper than what is offered by the media. Lecture topics span a wide spectrum but consistently look at the Middle East with a pragmatic eye and from the vantage point of American interests. Audio recordings and written summaries of past lectures are also available.

There are no forthcoming events planned for the immediate future.

For further information on events, please contact Thelma Prosser by email at prosser@meforum.org or by phone at 215.546.5406 x13.

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