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Forthcoming Events

The Middle East Forum sponsors speaking events in Philadelphia and New York City. Each of these provides a non-partisan platform to consider the controversial issues of a volatile region from the perspective of a leading actor or respected analyst. Recent speakers include Lee Smith, Joseph Sassoon, David P. Goldman, Danny Yatom and Bruce Maddy-Weitzman. Our goal is to discuss a current event or situation by delving deeper than what is offered by the media. Lecture topics span a wide spectrum but consistently look at the Middle East with a pragmatic eye and from the vantage point of American interests. Audio recordings and written summaries of past lectures are also available.

Daniel Pipes and Experts on Islamism and Global Security

Radical Islam in the Workplace - A Capitol Hill Conference

Date: Wednesday, July 20, 2016   8:00 AM - 3:00 PM   RSVP online
City: Washington, DC
Cost: $50 per person (Luncheon)
Location will be provided to those who confirm. RSVP with your full name is required. Special student rate is available - contact Thelma Prosser at prosser@meforum.org for details.

Islamists – whether violent or lawful – are challenging the basis of Western society.

Violent jihadists dominate the headlines. Orlando is but the latest attack: since 2010, 96 individuals have been killed in 19 Islamist terror attacks on American soil. At the same time, nonviolent Islamists exploit our freedoms to undermine from within – slowly chipping away at the rule of law, freedom of expression, free enterprise, and religious pluralism.

The workplace is not immune from these challenges. The 2014 Oklahoma City and 2015 San Bernardino attacks are recent examples of workplace jihadist violence. And the demands of lawful Islamists often cause workplace disruption – for example, a hospitalized woman died in 2012 after a Muslim nurse refused to help as he was praying.

Employers need guidance on how to assess risks, handle violent threats, reduce friction, and work with law enforcement while avoiding EEOC charges, NLRB complaints, and lawsuits.

For example, what to do when Muslim employees: express radical views or hatred of gays; threaten co-workers; insist on wearing hijabs in defiance of strict clothing codes; abandon their posts to go on hajj; refuse to handle pork and alcohol products; stop what they're doing to pray; require female customers to cover up; and refuse to use disinfectants with trace alcohol content.

_ _ _ _ _

The Middle East Forum, in partnership with the ESCP Europe Business School and the Global Conference on Advances in Management, invites business people, academics, intelligence agents, law enforcement officials, and the interested public to attend this first-ever conference examining "Radical Islam in the Workplace."

The conference, featuring experts from around the world, allows attendees to learn best practices and share experiences.

Scheduled speakers include:

· Thomas O'Connor, vice president of the FBI Agents Association.

· Rob Out, Countering Terrorism, Extremism and Radicalisation, National Police, Netherlands.

· Daniel Pipes, president, Middle East Forum.

· Michelle Rempel, Official Opposition Critic for Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship, Canadian House of Commons.

· Leslie Shaw, ESCP Europe Business School

· Anne Speckhard, director, International Center for the Study of Violent Extremism.

· Ilan P. Weimann, International Consultants on Targeted Security Europe.

· Ahmet Sait Yayla, Georgetown University, advisor to DHS and U.S. Senate

Panel topics include:

· Political Correctness and the probability of workplace terrorist attacks.

· Preventing attacks on faculty and students.

· Islamism's economic war against the West.

· Detecting radicalization, including ISIS defector interviews and the radicalization process.

· Managing demands for religious accommodation and employee polarization.

· Nonviolent radicalism, the overlooked foundation of terrorism.

· Airline and airport vulnerability to infiltration.

Corporations and organizations attending include: Akal Security, American Center for Democracy, Canadian Coast Guard, Clarion Project, Conservative Party of Canada, Delta Air Lines, FBI Agents Association, International Center for the Study of Violent Extremism, International Consultants on Targeted Security Europe, Netherlands Police Force, Strategic Counter-Terrorism Intelligence Group, University of the Incarnate Word, HEB School of Business & Administration, University of Richmond, and the Washington Metropolitan Transit Police Department.

Business attire. Limited capacity. Picture I.D. required to enter the building.
RSVP online by Jul 19, or via e-mail (prosser@meforum.org), fax (215-546-5409) or phone (215-546-5406 ext. 107).

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