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Campus Activities

Campus Speakers Bureau

The Middle East Forum is pleased to offer the services of our Campus Speakers Bureau, providing lectures, seminars and dialogues in high schools and colleges across the nation. Our goal is to provide students the tools to understand recent developments in the Middle East and American interests there.

The Problem

In an article entitled "Middle East Facts and Fictions," Elizabeth Barlow, former president of the Middle East Outreach Council, wrote that both the Middle East Studies Association and the Middle East Outreach Council have long been concerned with inaccurate Middle Eastern curricula in American education. While attempts have been made in recent years to remedy the situation, she writes, regrettable errors still exist.

Many young Americans get only superficial information from the daily media or Internet sites. The result is that students read headlines about the Arab-Israeli conflict, Iraqi sanctions, oil crises, and Middle East terrorism, but don't understand the deeper implications of what they read.

Additionally, as Martin Kramer, senior editor of the Middle East Quarterly, notes in his book, Ivory Towers on Sand: The Failure of Middle Eastern Studies in America, many professors in the American university system are irresponsible in the way they teach the Middle East. They are apologetic about militant Islam, interpret events in accord with their biases, and make basic errors about the significance of current events. The result is a dire need for better information.

The Middle East Forum's Campus Speakers Bureau at Montclair Kimberly Academy. From left to right: Milt Bearden, a former CIA station chief, Hussein Hassouna, Ambassador of the Arab League to the United Nations, and Jonathan Schanzer of the Campus Speakers Bureau.

The Project

The Middle East Forum's mission is to provide information and analysis on the Middle East in a thorough and balanced manner. To deal with students, it has recently launched a Speakers Bureau to provide seminars to high schools and institutes of higher learning. The goal is to cover important issues facing the United States in the Middle East in an informative and stimulating way. The goal is to educate a new generation to understand America's interests in the Middle East.


CSB seminars can cover several topics, including: a history of the Arab-Israeli conflict, the Iraq problem, political culture in the Middle East, militant Islam, and U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East.

Each presentation will last one to two hours. Audience interaction is a high priority.

You may choose to have one or all of these seminars presented to classes in your school, with no limit to the number of presentations. We can work with teachers and administrators to create a seminar that fits the needs of a specific class or curriculum.


Speakers have degrees in Middle East studies who have an interest in helping students gain information and insight. All work under the supervision of Daniel Pipes, director of the Middle East Forum.

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