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  1. Why Arabs Lose Wars
  2. Islamic State Recruits Loose in Toronto
  3. Muhammad and Islam's Sex Slaves
  4. As the World Turns: Will the West Prevail?
  5. Does Kerry Think that 18 Million Muslim Refugees Are Irrelevant to ISIS?


  1. Arab Uprisings May Doom Middle East Christians
  2. As the World Turns: Will the West Prevail?
  3. Why Arabs Lose Wars
  4. Why Europe Is Irrational About Israel
  5. Islamic State Recruits Loose in Toronto


Writings by Phyllis Chesler

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Title Publication Date
Interview: Ibn Warraq on the Judeo-Christian Sources of the Koran Breitbart September 29, 2014
'Honor' Killings: A New Kind of American Tragedy Breitbart June 30, 2014
Captive in Afghanistan: Bowe Bergdahl, Yvonne Ridley, and Me Breitbart June 2, 2014
Israel vs. Islamists: Setting the Record Straight Israel National News December 24, 2013
ASA: To Go From Unknown Group to Media Star, Bash Israel Israel National News December 17, 2013
Hindu vs. Muslim Honor Killings Middle East Quarterly Summer 2012
The Feminist Politics of Islamic Misogyny American Thinker November 13, 2010
Ban the Burqa? The Argument in Favor Middle East Quarterly Fall 2010
Worldwide Trends in Honor Killings Middle East Quarterly Spring 2010
Are Honor Killings Simply Domestic Violence? Middle East Quarterly Spring 2009
How Afghan Captivity Shaped My Feminism Middle East Quarterly Winter 2006


Book Title Publication Date
Gender, Modernity and Liberty: Middle Eastern and Western Women's Writings, a Critical Sourcebook Middle East Quarterly Winter 2010
A History of Women's Seclusion in the Middle East: The Veil in the Looking Glass
by Ann Chamberlin
Middle East Quarterly Fall 2007
Muslim Women Activists in North America: Speaking for Ourselves Middle East Quarterly Fall 2007

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