Articles by the Israel Victory Project

Title Publication Date
Israel Must Refuse Jordan's Request to Build on the Temple Mount Arutz Sheva January 31, 2023
The Temple Mount Could Be Israel's Symbol of Victory JNS January 10, 2023
Israel Should Put an End to Palestinian Diplomatic Terror Arutz Sheva January 4, 2023
Hannukah Is about Victory, not Donuts The Jerusalem Post December 22, 2022
To Win the War of Independence, Israel Must Govern the Temple Mount JNS December 18, 2022
Antisemitism? Then What about the Palestinian Authority? The Jewish Press December 7, 2022
Winning Without Going to War: The Druze Show the Way Arutz Sheva November 27, 2022
Time for an Israeli Victory; End 100 Year Rejections against Israel The Jerusalem Post November 16, 2022
Progressives Inadvertently Admit That Israeli Victory Is Essential JNS October 31, 2022
The Israel-Lebanon Maritime Border Agreement Is a Defeat for Israel JNS October 13, 2022
Israel Needs to Defeat Arab Rejectionism within Its Borders Arutz Sheva October 3, 2022
Israeli Views on Victory Knesset Israel Victory Caucus Fall 2022
Introduction: Spelling Out Israel Victory Knesset Israel Victory Caucus Fall 2022
Poverty Does Not Cause Terrorism Knesset Israel Victory Caucus Fall 2022
The Temple Mount's Centrality to Israel Victory Knesset Israel Victory Caucus Fall 2022
Israel Needs to Promote Its Vision, Not the Palestinian One Knesset Israel Victory Caucus Fall 2022
Israel Needs a Victory in the Negev Knesset Israel Victory Caucus Fall 2022
Civil Society Organizations to the Rescue Knesset Israel Victory Caucus Fall 2022
The Home Front Role in Victory Knesset Israel Victory Caucus Fall 2022
The IDF Has Abandoned Victory Knesset Israel Victory Caucus Fall 2022
The Need for Victory Awareness Knesset Israel Victory Caucus Fall 2022
Gaza Must Be Disarmed Knesset Israel Victory Caucus Fall 2022
Holocaust Inversion: Abbas' Longtime Weapon of Choice The Jerusalem Post August 27, 2022
Israeli General: It's Time for Victory in Gaza Arutz Sheva August 23, 2022
Fighting in the Gaza Strip Is a Sign of Israeli Failure The Wall Street Journal August 8, 2022
'Realists' Were Wrong on Russia and They Are Wrong on Palestine The Jerusalem Post August 1, 2022
Israel Must Choose a Winning IDF Chief of Staff JNS July 28, 2022
The Palestinian Arabs Are Weak. This Is the Time to Impose Our Conditions on Them. Arutz Sheva July 28, 2022
Israel, the Victor, Should Demand Palestinian Concessions Ahead of Biden Visit JNS July 6, 2022
Israel Needs to Change Its Strategy Against Hamas The Jerusalem Post June 24, 2022
Israel's Temple Mount Concessions Spur Palestinian Hopes for Victory The Jerusalem Post April 27, 2022
Palestinian Violence Once Again Catches Israel Unprepared The Jerusalem Post April 9, 2022
Amnesty Has Officially Joined the War against Jewish Sovereignty Arutz Sheva March 16, 2022
Israel Must Put Down the Pen and Pick Up the Sword JNS March 10, 2022
War in Ukraine Should Be a Wake-up Call for Israel The Jerusalem Post March 1, 2022
Israel's Security Establishment Thinks Winning = Losing. It Is Dead Wrong. Arutz Sheva February 24, 2022
Ukraine Crisis, Iran Deal Highlight Western Diplomatic Failures The Jerusalem Post February 16, 2022
Israel: No! to Western-style Capitulation The Jewish Press February 9, 2022
Why Palestinians Dream of a Genocidal Victory JNS February 2, 2022
How an Israel Victory Is a Win for the Region Arutz Sheva January 24, 2022
Israel's New Concessions Make Victory More Remote JNS January 12, 2022
To Win, or Not to Win, That Is the Only Question Arutz Sheva January 3, 2022
Mansour Abbas Crossed the Rubicon, More Need to Follow The Jerusalem Post December 29, 2021
Israel's Palestinian Team Should Learn from Its Iran Team The Jerusalem Post December 18, 2021
The Palestinian Language of War The Jewish Press December 8, 2021
Reimagining Hannukah as the Festival of Victory Arutz Sheva November 29, 2021
Why 'Shrinking the Conflict' Is Doomed to Failure JNS November 14, 2021
First Stick, then Carrot Approach Needed to Defeat Arab Violence in Israel Arutz Sheva October 19, 2021
Changing the Prisoner Paradigm: A Path to Palestinian Defeat JNS October 10, 2021
For Peace, Abbas's Long-standing Rejectionism Has to Be Defeated The Jerusalem Post October 3, 2021
The Two Faces of the Israeli Security Forces Arutz Sheva September 24, 2021
Breaking the Will of Terrorists in Israeli Jails Will Lead to the Defeat of Their Leaders JNS September 13, 2021
Lessons for Israel from the Taliban Victory The Jewish Press August 17, 2021
A Clear Carrot-and-Stick Policy Can Lead to an Israeli Victory Arutz Sheva August 2, 2021
Disregarding Israel's Security Chiefs Can Bring Peace Closer The Jerusalem Post July 19, 2021
Only Israel Can Crown Hamas Victor Arutz Sheva July 8, 2021
A Coalition for Israeli Victory JNS June 29, 2021
Israelis Want Victory, Preferably without Paying the Price Israel Hayom June 8, 2021
Who Won, Israel or Hamas? The Jerusalem Post June 7, 2021
Don't Let Palestinian Rejectionists Run for Election JNS February 23, 2021
The War on Jewish History and Rights Must be Defeated The Jewish Press February 16, 2021
Only an Israel Victory over Palestinian Lawfare Will Stop the ICC Process Arutz Sheva February 8, 2021
Israel Must Push for Victory after the Election The Jerusalem Post January 24, 2021
Ashrawi paves the way for Palestinian leaders to acknowledge defeat JNS December 14, 2020
The IDF Opts for Victory The Jerusalem Post November 25, 2020
The arc of victory is bending back JNS October 29, 2020
Lessons to be learned on the 20th anniversary of the Ramallah lynching Israel National News October 8, 2020
Is the Israel Victory Project still needed? Jerusalem Post October 7, 2020
Is it time to 'normalize' the Temple Mount? Jerusalem Post September 13, 2020
Return to the 'armed struggle'? JNS August 25, 2020
In this window of opportunity, Israel should seek victory over annexation Jerusalem Post July 13, 2020
Can Palestinian despair lead to an end of conflict? JNS June 25, 2020
We Must Re-Think Identity, Privilege and Oppression in the Middle East Newsweek June 8, 2020
Sovereignty is an important step towards Palestinian defeat JNS May 27, 2020
The public's resilience in the face of the coronavirus pandemic Jerusalem Post March 25, 2020
The Trump plan is a win for victory and peace Jerusalem Post January 30, 2020
Israel should trust the sword over the pen Jerusalem Post January 11, 2020
A Likud Primary On Palestinian Defeat Times of Israel: The Blogs December 25, 2019
Israel will only attain peace through victory JNS November 24, 2019
Should Israel Invade Gaza? The Washington Times September 23, 2019
Jason Greenblatt And The Inconvenient Truth Of Palestinian Rejectionism The Daily Wire September 20, 2019
Israelis find the security establishment 'too timid' Jerusalem Post July 23, 2019
Daniel Pipes and the Israel Victory Project Jerusalem Post March 26, 2019
Qatari cash provides cover for Hamas rockets Jerusalem Post November 19, 2018
Daniel Pipes at the Knesset Israel Victory Caucus July 13, 2017