Media Coverage of the Israel Victory Project

IVP in the Media
Title Publication Date
The Escaping Terrorist The Jewish Press October 5, 2021
Billboard outside Bennett's House Reminds Him to 'Eliminate Hamas' The Jerusalem Post June 17, 2021
Most Israelis Believe IDF Operation in Gaza Stopped Too Soon, Study Shows JNS June 10, 2021
Gregg Roman: 'We Need to Beat Hamas, Not Deter Them' Arutz Sheva May 28, 2021
The People Demand Victory JNS Wire May 25, 2021
Middle East Forum Director Discusses 'Israel Victory Project' Billboard Campaign i24 News May 24, 2021
Hadar Goldin's Brother: Ceasefire Negotiations Won't 'Bring Boys Home' The Jerusalem Post May 23, 2021
Tel Aviv Mayor, Ron Huldai, reprimanded by Supreme Court Jerusalem Post January 11, 2021
Ramallah lynch victim's brother: 'Gov't slapped us in the face' Israel National News October 20, 2020
'Iranian act of revenge for Soleimani's elimination would spark much harsher US reaction' Israel National News April 4, 2020
'Israel needs a real victory' Israel National News September 16, 2019
Israelis debate whether they have already won the Middle East conflict JNS September 9, 2019
What would an Israeli victory look like? Israel Uncensored September 9, 2019
'Defeat terrorism while it's still small' Israel National News September 8, 2019
Giant chicken protests Hamas terror next to army HQ in Tel Aviv Jerusalem Post August 19, 2019
Father of slain IDF soldier protests with giant inflatable rooster at Knesset Times of Israel August 14, 2019
Giant 'chicken' at Knesset entrance: End fear, defeat Hamas Jerusalem Post August 14, 2019
Giant Chicken Accuses Government of Cowardice in Gaza Hamodia August 14, 2019
Tel Aviv streets named after Palestinian leaders Middle East Monitor August 8, 2019
Tel Aviv residents wake up to Arafat, Haniyeh streets Times of Israel August 7, 2019
Meet Me on Hamas, Corner of Incendiary Balloons The Jewish Press August 7, 2019
'Death to Terrorists Street' in Tel Aviv Israel National News August 7, 2019
Palestinians Are Greater Threat to Jewish State Than Iran, Expert Says Breitbart July 28, 2019
How Israel could end the war with Gaza and the PA Israel National News July 26, 2019
Tel Aviv billboards demand victory against Hamas Israel National News July 22, 2019
Hamas leader in bikini stuns Israelis in central Tel Aviv YNet July 22, 2019
Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh in a bikini, on a billboard in Tel Aviv Jerusalem Post July 22, 2019
Bikini-clad Hamas leader stars in campaign pushing Israeli victory Israel Hayom July 22, 2019
Israelis get lost on Yasser Arafat Street in central Tel Aviv YNet July 8, 2019
Only the full defeat of Hamas can ensure Israel's security Jerusalem Post February 24, 2019
Islamists With Ties To Terror Lobby Congress Frontpage Magazine May 4, 2018
Lawmakers Launch Congressional Israel Victory Caucus International Christian Embassy Jerusalem April 28, 2017
New Republican pro-Israel caucus wants Palestinians to admit defeat JTA April 27, 2017
Congressional Israel Victory Caucus' launch by Republicans reinforces support for Israel The Washington Times April 27, 2017
Israel Victory Caucus Our American Values April 27, 2017
Congressmen to launch Congressional Israel Victory Caucus Israel National News April 25, 2017
Act like lions to impose peace, not lambs Jerusalem Post April 15, 2017