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Articles by Islamist Watch
Title Publication Date
'Journalist' Ayat Oraby: Mainstream or Extreme? The American Spectator November 14, 2017
American Islamists Turn to Ankara Gatestone Institute September 21, 2017
The 3 Hidden Truths Revealed When Imams Oppose the GLBTQ-Islamist Partnership The Daily Wire September 18, 2017
Keith Ellison Withdraws AGAIN from Gathering of Extreme Islamists Gatestone Institute May 18, 2017
Do Not Be Fooled by These "Moderates" in Florida Gatestone Institute May 2, 2017
Is Canada's Anti-Islamophobia Motion As Benign As It Seems? The Daily Caller April 20, 2017
CAIR To Bring Its Message Of Illiberal Islamism To The Springfield Country Club The Daily Caller March 10, 2017
Obama's 'Countering Violent Extremism' Program Funds Extremist MPAC Breitbart February 9, 2017
Ellison's Extremism Wrong for the DNC Washington Examiner November 23, 2016
Training Tomorrow's Extremists The Daily Caller November 22, 2016
Americans Should Be Worried About Islamist Donors Supporting Tim Kaine Independent Journal Review August 16, 2016
Stunner: Turkey Infiltrating Native American Tribes – and May Get Congressional Help PJ Media October 5, 2012
More People Must Care about CAIR FrontPage Magazine August 31, 2012
Nonviolent Islamism in the News
Title Publication Date
Beyond Terrorism National Review April 20, 2009
The demonisation of British Islamism Guardian April 1, 2009
Anti-terror code 'would alienate most Muslims' Guardian February 17, 2009
Campaign against Sharia law in Britain to be launched at the House of Lords AINA December 1, 2008
Stealth Jihad: How Islam is Infiltrating Your Neighborhood Townhall November 22, 2008
Mother is denied pill by Muslim pharmacist Telegraph October 3, 2008
The Islamist elephant in the room no politicians will acknowledge National Post October 2, 2008
Surprisingly Candid Answers from the Muslim Brotherhood Family Security Matters August 28, 2008
"Hadith of Hate" Banned at USC Front Page Magazine August 26, 2008
Exclusive: As the West Sleeps, Islamists Work on Establishing a Worldwide Islamic State: (Part Two of Two) Family Security Matters August 25, 2008
Of Democrats and Co-Conspirators IPT News August 25, 2008
The Council of Europe Fights "Islamophobia" Brussels Journal August 14, 2008
Paving the way for 'soft jihad' National Post July 22, 2008
Islamic law plays a role in British legal system Los Angeles Times June 20, 2008
Christian preachers face arrest in Birmingham Telegraph June 1, 2008
Fantasizing "The New McCarthyism" FrontPage Magazine May 22, 2008
Moderates stage coup at Australian Federation of Islamic Councils The Australian May 21, 2008
'Enough about the hijab' The Gazette May 20, 2008
Osnabrück to host dialogue with Muslims: report The Local May 20, 2008
U.S. soldier uses Quran for target practice; military apologizes CNN May 19, 2008
Muslim council corrupt: insider The Australian May 17, 2008
Intel agencies seek help recruiting immigrants The Associated Press May 17, 2008
Dutch Police Arrests Cartoonist The Brussels Journal May 16, 2008
Dutch cartoonist arrested The Associated Press May 16, 2008
The Government's Jihad on Jihad National Review Online May 13, 2008
History textbooks promoting Islam WorldNetDaily May 10, 2008
Police bid to tackle Islamophobia BBC News May 9, 2008
U.S. aims to unlink Islamic, terrorism The Washington Times May 7, 2008
Amerabia The Washington Times May 6, 2008
Prison chaplain still on duty pending assault inquiry The Marin Independent Journal May 5, 2008
Barroso: Islam is part of Europe Khabrein.info May 5, 2008
Muslims decry lack of Islam school teachers Expatica May 5, 2008
Outlawing the Pig FrontPage Magazine May 2, 2008
First Muslim Battalion Guards the Queen Defence News May 2, 2008
Stop pandering to Muslims says 'silent majority' The Guardian May 2, 2008
Nabbed and held captive by Brooklyn Jihadis! Canada Free Press April 28, 2008
An Anatomy of Surrender City Journal Spring 2008
Islamization crept in a long time ago Trouw April 25, 2008
Lost In Translation Investor's Business Daily April 25, 2008
Pennsylvania's police prepare for radical Islam The Morning Call April 24, 2008
'Jihadist' booted from government lexicon The Associated Press April 24, 2008
Islam: Federation of Italian mosques mooted AKI April 22, 2008
Association for Muslim police to be set up in Strathclyde The Herald April 22, 2008
Ken Livingstone defends his extremist backer The Daily Telegraph April 21, 2008
All mod cons The Guardian April 21, 2008
Public pool bars father and son from its 'Muslim-only' swimming session The Daily Mail April 18, 2008
Muhammad Asad Square inaugurated in Vienna The Associated Press of Pakistan April 17, 2008
Councillor shuts down committee for ex-Muslims Expatica April 17, 2008
The Many Forms of Radical Islam All Threaten America Family Security Matters April 16, 2008
Brigitte Bardot in race hate row The Daily Telegraph April 16, 2008
Wartime Malpractice National Review Online April 15, 2008
Brigitte Bardot on trial for Muslim slur Reuters April 15, 2008
Muslim woman receives damages for headscarf slight The Local April 12, 2008
BBC chief Mark Thompson warns of 'over-cautious' Islam coverage The London Times April 10, 2008
Headscarves ok in parliament The Copenhagen Post April 9, 2008
Activists seek oversight of TSA screeners The Washington Times April 8, 2008
Muslim sex offenders could opt out of treatment because its against their faith The Daily Mail April 8, 2008
Egypt: Denmark Approves Setting Up of Azhar Institute ANSAmed April 7, 2008
Muslim is spared a speeding ban so he can drive between his two wives The Daily Mail April 5, 2008
Ben Elton: BBC scared of Islam jokes The Daily Telegraph April 2, 2008
CAIR-full Democrats Human Events March 31, 2008
Driver reinstated after cap flap The Windsor Star March 26, 2008
CAIR trains FBI agents as new report cites links to terror Insight March 18-24, 2008
Web site of Dutch anti-Islam film is suspended The International Herald Tribune March 23, 2008
Two of Britain's most dangerous Islamic terrorists moved to new prison - because they complained fellow inmates were 'too white' The Daily Mail March 21, 2008
Muslims Grill FBI Agents on Key Issues The Arab News March 18, 2008
Faith in charity - charity regulator reaches out to muslim charities in London The Government News Network March 17, 2008
Dutch draw on past crises to deal with Islam film Reuters March 14, 2008
Party leader misquoted in Egyptian newspaper The Copenhagen Post March 13, 2008
Imams want role in recast Muslim body March 12, 2008
'Islamophobia' a threat to world security, say Muslim states Yahoo! News March 12, 2008
Rudd's quest for true blue Muslims The Australian March 11, 2008
France Starts Muslim Imam Training Voice of America March 9, 2008
Immigrant girls and sex education - who knows best? The Local March 7, 2008
FBI boosts training in Islamic 'sensitivity' WorldNetDaily March 6, 2008
Radical Muslim preacher caught on film giving advice on how to 'hoodwink' the Government over benefits The Daily Mail March 5, 2008
Islam and Its Critics The Wall Street Journal March 5, 2008
The War Against The West The Spectator March 4, 2008
Pace Student Who Dumped Korans in Toilet Gets Community Service FOX News March 3, 2008
Bobbies will be taught sharia law and the Koran in 'secret' plan to counter terror at local level The Daily Mail February 28, 2008
Wilders accuses ministers of intimidation Expatica February 28, 2008
Outcry as Muslim extremist is allowed to tour Britain to 'promote violence' The Daily Mail February 28, 2008
Sharia law 'would undermine British society' The Daily Telegraph February 27, 2008
Shariah Law in Britain: Alive and Well Asharq Al-Awsat February 26, 2008
Muslims want unis to fit prayer time The Australian February 25, 2008
One legal system best for all Canadians The Hamilton Spectator February 21, 2008
Archbishop of Canterbury Was Right The Washington Post February 18, 2008
New sharia row over Chancellor's plans for 'Islamic bonds' The Daily Mail February 17, 2008
City wraps up Muslim lifeguard program The Mississauga News February 14, 2008
A Craven Canterbury Tale The Washington Post February 12, 2008
Accommodating Islamic Law? City Journal February 11, 2008
Top judges in key ruling on sharia marriage The Observer February 10, 2008
Are we promoting harmony or Muslim ghettos? The Daily Telegraph February 10, 2008
Sharia law may result in 'legal apartheid' The Daily Telegraph February 10, 2008
Yasmin Alibhai-Brown: What he wishes on us is an abomination The Independent February 9, 2008
Harems pay off for Muslims The Toronto Sun February 8, 2008
Muslims claiming cash for numerous wives The Toronto Sun February 8, 2008
Sharia law row: Archbishop is in shock as he faces demands to quit The Daily Mail February 8, 2008
Archbishop of Canterbury 'should resign' over Sharia row The Times February 8, 2008
Full text of Archbishop's Lecture - Civil and Religious Law in England: a religious perspective The Times February 8, 2008
Archbishop backs sharia law for British Muslims The Guardian February 7, 2008
The Archbishop's Sharia Amour Investor's Business Daily February 7, 2008
Sharia law in UK is 'unavoidable' BBC News February 7, 2008
TV watchdog rules cleric's lectures OK The National Post February 6, 2008
More restaurants try to appeal to Muslim customers The Khaleej Times February 5, 2008
Swedish state to train imams The Local February 5, 2008
Whitehall draws up new rules on language of terror The Guardian February 4, 2008
Multiple wives will mean multiple benefits The Daily Telegraph February 4, 2008
Family of teen Muslim invited men to rape her The Sunday Times February 3, 2008
France: Focus - Imam course at Catholic university sparks controversy AKI February 1, 2008
Department of Homeland Security's funds bring Islamist sympathizers to Tufts The Tufts Daily January 31, 2008
Gordon Brown launches the muslim women's advisory group Government News Network January 31, 2008
Muslim leader calls sharia loans a 'con job' The Star January 30, 2008
Hiding behind a political veil The Times January 29, 2008
Muslim Canadian Congress asks CMHC to drop Islamic banking study Yahoo! Canada News January 29, 2008
First They Came for Piglet National Review Online January 26, 2008
Sapping freedom inside job? The Toronto Sun January 26, 2008
Appeals court sides with inmate's wish for Muslim-diet meals The Arizona Daily Star January 25, 2008
Inside the Ring The Washington Times January 25, 2008
Three Pigs story ruled ‘offensive to Muslims' The Times January 24, 2008
Muslim opening prayer at Iowa Statehouse raises concerns The Storm Lake Pilot Tribune January 24, 2008
The Tripartite Threat of Radical Islam to Europe inFocus Winter 2007
Three Little Pigs 'too offensive' BBC News January 23, 2008
Austrian army recruits two imams Courier International January 23, 2008
'Three Little Pigs CD' banned from Government-backed awards for offending Muslims and builders The Daily Mail January 23, 2008
"Wilders should leave the Netherlands" Expatica.com January 23, 2008
'We want to offer sharia law to Britain' The Daily Telegraph January 21, 2008
Controversial teacher wins damages La Tribune de Genève January 17, 2008
Government renames Islamic terrorism as 'anti-Islamic activity' to woo Muslims The Daily Mail January 17, 2008
Muslim Councillor Tells Rotterdammer: 'Shut Up, Minority' NIS News January 17, 2008
Congressmen Seek Answers about Terror Expert's Firing Cybercast News Service January 16, 2008
Ottawa urging Canadian food producers to explore global halal market The Canadian Press January 14, 2008
Austrian authorities investigate Islam-bashing by rightist lawmaker Monsters and Critics January 14, 2008
Bush yet to name envoy to Islamic group The Washington Times January 9, 2008
Magistrate Punished in Veil Row The Daily Express January 8, 2008
Swedish Judge Proposes Approving Bill Permitting Polygamy MEMRI Blog December 17, 2007
Open debate in Muslim communities needed The Hamilton Spectator December 13, 2007
In a Europe Torn Over Mosques, A City Offers Accommodation The Washington Post December 9, 2007
Islamic body 'using school to milk funds' The Australian March 25, 2006
Police aim for more Muslim staff BBC News November 23, 2004
Islamist Watch Blog
Title Publication Date
Muslim Groups' Gathering in Atlanta Troubling Islamist Watch Blog December 29, 2017
The 50 Most Important Islamism Stories in October 2017 Islamist Watch Blog October 30, 2017
The 40 Most Important Islamism Stories From April 2017 Islamist Watch Blog May 2, 2017
Boston Islamic Seminary to Host Hate Preacher Siraj Wahhaj for Ramadan Fundraiser Islamist Watch Blog April 18, 2017
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Where's Wahhaj this Week? A Preacher of Hate Comes to Harrisburg, Pennsylvania… Islamist Watch Blog April 4, 2017
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MPAC Shows its Extremist Colors Islamist Watch Blog December 9, 2016
Behind the Muslim Brotherhood Islamist Watch Blog November 11, 2016
39 of the Most Influential Islamist Activists in America Islamist Watch Blog June 25, 2016
Another Muslim Brotherhood-Tied Group Tries to Divert Attention From Islamist Violence Islamist Watch Blog August 3, 2015
Hagel The Horrible Islamist Watch Blog December 16, 2012
Stunner: Turkey Infiltrating Native American Tribes – and May Get Congressional Help; Fink in PJ Media Islamist Watch Blog October 11, 2012
Pushing Back Against CAIR in Pennsylvania Islamist Watch Blog October 5, 2012
Islamism in the News: 05/31/12 - 06/12/12 Islamist Watch Blog June 13, 2012
Fox News: 'BEST BUY-COTT' Islamist Watch Blog May 14, 2012
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Action Alert – Best Buy: TV's, Computers and Hamas Islamist Watch Blog April 17, 2012
Islamism in the News: 03/14/12 - 04/03/12 Islamist Watch Blog April 11, 2012
Pennsylvania Colludes with Hamas-Linked Islamist Group to Chill Free Speech Islamist Watch Blog March 16, 2012
Islamism in the News: 02/16/12 – 03/14/12 Islamist Watch Blog March 16, 2012
Moderate Muslim Group Backs NYPD Against Onslaught From Islamist Group CAIR and its Liberal Media Enablers. Islamist Watch Blog January 29, 2012