For many years now Islamist Watch's senior research fellow David Rusin has maintained an archive of links and excerpts to stories relating to Islamism both at home and abroad. He usually adds 5-10 items each day and here are 32 of the most important picks from April that you won't want to miss:

1. The London Times, April 1: Extremists to be held separately in prison

2. Gatestone Institute, April 2: The Muslim Brotherhood Swoops into Sweden

3. London Times, April 2: Top Met officer urges fellow Muslims to join battle against 'silent killer' of extremism

4. ABC Australia, April 3: Ayaan Hirsi Ali cancels speaking tour of Australia and New Zealand amid security concerns

5. Fox News, April 3: Muslim-American leaders support Australian imam's rejection of radical Islam

6. New York Post, April 3: Linda Sarsour: NYC's queen of hate

7. 7 News, April 4: Islam critic Ayaan Hirsi Ali says burka 'like wearing a very big Swastika'

8. Buzzfeed, April 4: President Trump's Son-In-Law Secretly Met With Muslim Leaders Weeks Before The Travel Ban

9. PJ Media, April 5: Media Malpractice: 'Columbus Dispatch' Botches Hit on Ohio Treasurer Josh Mandel Over 'Radical Islam'

10. BBC News, April 5: The women who sleep with a stranger to save their marriage

11. San Diego Union-Tribune, April 5: San Diego Unified to fight Islamophobia, bullying

12. The Local, April 6: France forces closure of radical mosque for 'promoting hate'

13. JTA, April 6: 14 percent of Americans hold anti-Semitic views, 52 percent concerned about violence against Jews, ADL polls find

14. AFP, April 8: France expels Swiss Islamist

15. Dutch News, April 10: Nearly half of Dutch Turks vote in referendum to give Erdogan more powers

16. Washington Examiner, April 10: Islamic group CAIR fighting effort to unionize staff

17. Arizona Republic, April 10: Democrat Deedra Abboud announces U.S. Senate bid

18. London Times, April 11: Hardline cleric is invited to UK by Islamic charity for fundraising tour

19. The Local, April 12: France shuts down another mosque for 'condoning violent jihad'

20. Australian, April 13: 'It's OK for Muslim men to hit their wives'

21. Detroit News, April 13: Detroit physician charged with mutilating girls' genitalia

22. Gatestone Institute, April 14: Sharia Councils and Sexual Abuse in Britain

23. Telegraph, April 15: Children taken to meet Islamic preacher who had 'promoted and encouraged religious violence'

24. Baltimore Sun, April 15: Thousands of Muslims gather in downtown Baltimore for annual convention

25. Daily Caller, April 18: AP Changes Fresno Shooter's Words From 'Allahu Akbar,' Removes Islam Reference

26. Religion News, April 19: Turkish-financed mosques in Europe allegedly spying for Erdogan

27. Washington Examiner, April 20: Labor group charges union busting by CAIR

28. Detroit News, April 21: 2nd doctor, wife arrested in genital mutilation case

29. Washington Examiner, April 22: Union says CAIR fired three for labor organizing

30. Daily Caller, April 23: NYT Refuses To Use Term 'Female Genital Mutilation' Because It's 'Culturally Loaded'

31. New York Post, April 25: Pro-Israel group urges Cuomo to block Muslim activist as CUNY speaker

32. Toronto Sun, April 26: Human Rights Tribunal rules Brampton landlord must pay Muslim couple $12,000

In addition, check out these two IW-authored articles and six IW blog blog posts:

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2. Sam Westrop at IW blog: ICNA Relief Banquet Features Anti-Semitic, Homophobic Preachers

3. David M. Swindle at IW blog: A Changing of the Guard For CAIR-Dallas/Fort-Worth

4. Sam Westrop at IW blog: With Friends Like These...

5. David M. Swindle at IW blog: Boston Islamic Seminary to Host Hate Preacher Siraj Wahhaj for Ramadan Fundraiser

6. Sam Westrop at IW blog: Worst of the ICNA-MAS Conference 2017

7. Josh Lieblein at the Daily Caller: Is Canada's Anti-Islamophobia Motion As Benign As It Seems?

8. Sam Westrop at the Daily Caller: An Onslaught Of Islamist Violence Is Europe's New Normal