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Articles by Islamist Watch
Title Publication Date
Did Ohio Just Elect The Next Ilhan Omar? The Federalist December 14, 2022
Harvard Replaces Michigan Mayor Accused of Election Fraud from Voting Rights Panel Focus on Western Islamism August 21, 2022
Why the Media Ignores Islamist Mayor's Racism and Apparent Election Fraud The Federalist August 10, 2022
Islamist Lobby Day: Congress Welcomes Turkish-Backed Extremists to Capitol Focus on Western Islamism July 17, 2022
Exclusive: Islamist Hamtramck Mayor's Bigotry and Apparent Voter Fraud Focus on Western Islamism July 7, 2022
Connecticut Congressional Candidate Bankrolled by Libyan Muslim Brotherhood Supporters Focus on Western Islamism May 27, 2022
Irvine Mayor Farrah Khan continues to associate with Armenian Genocide deniers The Armenian Weekly May 17, 2022
Radical Minnesota Imam Gets a Pass in Media Coverage of ACLU Lawsuit Focus on Western Islamism April 20, 2022
'All She Wanted to Do Was Bring Back the Muslim Empire:' Islamist Hero Worship Turns to Violence Focus on Western Islamism February 12, 2022
Behind Dr. Oz's Curtain National Review December 23, 2021
Foreign Agents Use Turkish American PACs to Bankroll US Elections Nordic Monitor October 28, 2021
Exposed: Indian American Muslim Council's 20-Year Love Affair with the Taliban The New Indian October 12, 2021
CAIR's 9/11 Tips to Teachers Whitewash Islamist Role in Attack American Spectator September 18, 2021
Islamist Group Slams Presidential Appointment of First Muslim Judge to Federal Court Providence June 23, 2021
Chicago's Indian American Muslim Council Doth Protest Too Much Sunday Guardian January 31, 2021
The Islamist Election Wave American Spectator December 30, 2020
Biden Condemns Anti-Semitism While Ignoring Democrats Who Support It The Federalist September 15, 2020
Erdoğan's Foot Soldiers in America New English Review May 1, 2020
How Al Jazeera is Avoiding Registering as a Foreign Agent The Washington Examiner January 21, 2020
New Brand of American Islamists Wins Big in 2019 Elections American Spectator December 14, 2019
Democratic Presidential Hopefuls Meet With Terrorist-Run Pay-To-Slay Group The Federalist December 2, 2019
Muslim Reformers Meet in Islamists' Backyard Alpha News September 15, 2019
Emboldened Islamists Call for Theocracy in America Daily Wire August 2, 2019
Muslim Reformers Warn of Islamists' Political Designs July 25, 2019
The Real Face of the Muslim American Society American Spectator May 9, 2019
Brooklyn's Islamist Vigilantes American Spectator April 10, 2019
CAIR's Radical Speaking Circuit JNS February 22, 2019
Islamist Tourism American Thinker November 29, 2018
Fool Me Twice: Shame on CAIR American Spectator September 14, 2018
ISNA's Extremist Price of Admission JNS August 21, 2018
LIFE Goes on for Embattled Islamist Charity The Daily Caller January 23, 2018
Ohio Lawmakers Meet with Islamists in the Capitol The American Spectator November 15, 2017
Muslimedia Wants You to Think It's Moderate The American Spectator October 20, 2017
Islamist Watch Blog
Title Publication Date
MEF Warns Political Candidates About Taking Money Fro͏m Turkish American PACs Islamist Watch Blog September 4, 2020
Islamism in American Politics: The 2020 Elections Islamist Watch Blog April 5, 2020
Terrorist Support Group Swings and Misses in Feeble Rebuttal Islamist Watch Blog December 29, 2019
Islamist Lobby Falls Flat in Pennsylvania Islamist Watch Blog November 21, 2019
Tell Pennsylvania Lawmakers to Keep Islamists Out of the State Capitol Islamist Watch Blog October 28, 2019
Counter-Islamist Grid
Title Publication Date
Miracle Winner of New Jersey State Senate Race Forced to Endure Lecture from Islamist Group New English Review December 29, 2021
Islamist Lobby Suffers Loss in Chicago with Defeat of Anti-India Resolution American Thinker May 10, 2021
Middle East Forum Crashes Palestine Advocacy Day Jerusalem Post November 23, 2020
Islamists Appropriate Black Lives Matter Movement, Despite History of Anti-Black Bigotry JNS July 2, 2020