What did it take for the Washington Post to accuse a Jewish man of racism for exposing a white man as an anti-Semite? That white man's conversion to Islam.

That's how reporter Bill Donahue treated Charles Jacobs, the president of my organization, Americans for Peace and Tolerance, in a January 17 puff piece on the influential Muslim convert and cleric, Imam Suhaib Webb: "An unlikely messenger becomes a guiding spirit to young Muslims."

Jacobs marched with Martin Luther King Jr. and received the "Boston Freedom Award" from MLK's widow, Coretta Scott King, for his work freeing black slaves in Sudan. But he is now apparently a racist because our organization's research into the radical Islamic ideology of an Oklahoma-born white male conflicts with the Post's portrayal of Webb as a cool former hip-hop DJ who knows how to hang with the kids while sharing his religious wisdom and liberal politics in rap lyrics.

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