It would be an understatement to characterize the Anti-Defamation League's Jonathan Greenblatt as one of Trump's shrillest critics. The ADL's chief executive officer and Obama crony has distinguished himself in this category. In his anti-Trump, pro-left zeal, Greenblatt has championed various extremist causes and has done so to the detriment of the organization he purports to represent.

The ADL's primary mission is to combat anti-Semitism and xenophobia but under Greenblatt's stewardship, the ADL has lost its way and transformed itself into a partisan bastion of radical activism. The ADL can most effectively carry out its mission when it acts in a non-partisan manner and no one understood this concept better than Greenblatt's predecessor, Abe Foxman. Greenblatt, however, has demonstrated nothing but contempt for this principle. Worse yet, Greenblatt has advocated positions harmful to Jewry and actually endorsed or quasi-endorsed entities and individuals whose entrenched anti-Israel and anti-Semitic bona fides are well known and a matter of public record.

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