In a statement issued in the wake of recent attacks in Barcelona and Turku, Finland, Martin Helme, chairman of the Conservative People's Party of Estonia (EKRE) parliamentary group, said that nothing but the reinstatement of border controls at ports and airports and the expulsion of illegal migrants will help against Islamic terrorism.

"The terror attacks of the outgoing week once again signaled to us that Islamic terrorism is moving closer and closer to us," Helme said via spokespeople. "We also got to learn that Estonian ministers have not yet gotten rid of delusions of multiculturalism.

"The message of Minister of the Interior [Andres] Anvelt, a Socialist, after the acts of terror was: 'The police will get more money,'" he claimed. "Not a word about the causes of terrorism, not a word about Islam or immigration. One stubbornly refuses to acknowledge that the spread of Islamic terrorism is directly connected with immigration and absence of borders."

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