Exactly 14 years ago today, the National Post published an op-ed by Neil Seeman, "Are we all Islamophobes? Not really." In it Seeman debunked the idea, promoted by Riad Saloojee, then executive director of CAIR.CAN (the Canadian chapter of the Council for American-Islamic Relations, now known as the National Council of Canadian Muslims, or NCCM, without apparent change of mission or affiliations), that "a very well-documented, anti-Muslim hate wave" had swept through Canada.

As Seeman noted, Saloojee's accusation was based on a small polling of 296 Muslims (questions sent to an in-house listserve rather than a random community sample, no margin of error reported). Of them 117 people said 9/11 changed their lives for the worse. Ninety eight said their lives had improved in terms of building bridges with non-Muslims and remedying stereotypes. Clearly, Seeman observed, not a hate wave.

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