It didn't take long. Within days of the Brussels murders, the conspiracy theorists (for which, read: "the Jews did it") were at it. Step forward, Tariq Ramadan, lecturer on contemporary Islamic issues at Oxford University and Muslim Brotherhood aristocrat — the grandson of Hassan al Banna, the Islamist group's founder.

Supposedly a moderate (although it takes a three-second Google search to puncture that idea), Ramadan wrote that Belgian officials seemed to be part of a conspiracy to present the Jewish museum murders as antisemitic when they were no such thing, because the victims were Mossad agents and the killings were a professional hit job. (Ignore the fact that two non-Israeli Jews were also murdered. If the facts don't fit a conspiracy, best just ignore them.)

"The two tourists targeted in Brussels worked for the Israeli secret services. The government does not comment," Ramadan wrote. "Coincidence. Is this a case of anti-Semitism or a manoeuvre to divert attention from the real motives of the executioners? We oppose all slaying of innocents and racism but at the same time, it's time they stopped taking us for fools."

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