The prime minister, leaders of all Norwegian political parties and thousands of others were joining Norwegian Muslims who mobilized last week to demonstrate on Monday against Islamic extremist group IS and local group Profetens Ummah. "Enough's enough," claimed one of many Norwegian Muslims who accuse the extremists of "kidnapping" their religion to suit their own bloody ends.

"They're destroying Islam," Issam Bouiri, a 27-year-old lawyer who works for the Oslo Fire Department told newspaper Aftenposten over the weekend. "I don't know anyone who supports Profetens Ummah. They have freedom of expression and use it to stir up prejudice and hate."

Bouiri is just one of hundreds of Muslims in Norway, many of them high-profile, who have latched on to the initiative of a Muslim student last week who started organizing a major demonstration against Islamic extremists. It was to begin at 5pm Monday with a protest march from Grønlands torg to Parliament, where Prime Minister Erna Solberg was set to be among those making appeals. Many other top politicians, church leaders and around 40 community organizations are also taking part in the march against extremism.

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