A rally Saturday in Washington supporting deposed Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi, the second in a month sponsored by a group calling itself Egyptian-Americans for Democracy and Human Rights (EADHR), along with its press conference on Friday, makes it harder for some leading American Islamists to deny their connection with the Muslim Brotherhood.

The pro-Morsi demonstrators who packed Freedom Plaza just a block from the White House repeated many of the same chants that have been common in Muslim Brotherhood protests in Egypt since Morsi's fall.

These included chants of "Down with Sisi" and "Morsi is my president," which have been common in Brotherhood demonstrations in Egypt such as one at Al-Azhar University last month. Protesters also chanted, "It's a coup, it's a coup!" and "Long live democracy!" Organizers at the Washington rally played an Arabic song titled, "This is a revolution, not a coup," which has been extremely popular at pro-Morsi rallies in Egypt.

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