Seeking to "hit him hard," the National Iranian American Council (NIAC) and acting president Trita Parsi brought a frivolous defamation lawsuit against a critic. Now they face a $183,480.09 fine to his legal defense.

On April 8th D.C. District Court Judge John D. Bates ordered this huge penalty because of the abuses which NIAC and Parsi's perpetrated for over two years during discovery (pre-trial phase where parties exchange evidence) in their nuisance suit brought against Hassan Daioleslam, an Iranian immigrant and editor of the Iranian American Forum.

Mr. Daioleslam's 2007 writings had exposed NIAC and Parsi's illicit public relation campaign on behalf of Tehran. In April, 2008 Parsi and NIAC filed Trita Parsi and National Iranian American Council v. Seid Hassan Daioleslam against Mr. Daioleslam. In their defamation suit, Parsi and NIAC alleged that Mr. Daioleslam's investigative research and writings portrayed them in a false light.

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