NRK has done it again. I've written before about Norway's state broadcasting service, which magically converts Norwegians' compulsory "license fees" into – as I put it last October – "outright, shameless, and (not infrequently) downright vile propaganda." Propaganda, for example, against the critics of Islam. Propaganda, a few weeks back, about a gypsy lady whose involvement in child rape NRK omitted from a report early this year in a plain effort to burnish the image of gypsies. Propaganda about the niqab, which NRK depicted last month as "liberating."

NRK's flagrant disregard for journalistic ethics in the gypsy and niqab stories was widely criticized. But you can't keep a good propaganda machine down. This week NRK teamed up with the government's official statistical bureau to try, not for the first time, to extinguish concerns about the long-term impact of Muslim immigration on Norwegian society and culture.

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