Last Thursday, local attorney Majed Moughni was unsuccessful in a bid to convince Wayne County Circuit Court Judge Kathleen Macdonald to allow others to join in on the McDonalds non-halal $700,000 class action settlement.

The lawsuit stems from Dearborn Heights resident Ahmed Ahmed's purchasing of a McDonald's meal from Dearborn's Ford Rd. location, owned by Finley's Management Company, which advertises the selling of halal chicken. Ahmed alleged the meal he had purchased was non-halal despite being advertised as so.

Three attorneys from the Dearborn firm Jaafar & Mahdi Law Group, P.C. represented the class plaintiffs in the case, ultimately settling for $700,000 from the corporation. That money would be divided amongst the plaintiffs and also be donated to the HUDA clinic in Detroit and the Arab American National Museum in Dearborn.

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