In the song "Another Brick in the Wall," the British rock group Pink Floyd rails against the psychic isolation induced by rigidly doctrinaire schooling. "We don't need no education," the lyrics go, a line whose bad grammar ironically proves just how badly they do need one. It then continues with the still ungrammatical but much more valid protest, "We don't need no thought control."

Now the Student Union of the prestigious London School of Economics (LSESU) has just laid another brick in that wall and strengthened thought control with its recent resolution to stamp out the mythical threat of Islamophobia on the LSE campus.

LSE is among the world's most selective universities, with a highly international student body. It has produced many notable alumni in the arenas of law, economics, business, literature and politics, including world leaders and winners of Nobel and Pulitzer Prizes.Everyone from Bertrand Russell and Friedrich Hayek to George Soros and Carlos the Jackal has studied there. Their Student Union itself is one of the oldest and most politically active in the United Kingdom.

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