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Say it ain't so, Mo. It's bad enough that the guy slaughtered his wife. Mo Hassan's attacks unfortunately didn't end there. For days he has launched a Slo-Mo assault on the judicial system, subjecting us to a tortured courtroom self-defense that Thursday struck new depths of absurdity.

The only good news is that Hassan's gag-reflex claim that he was the victim of domestic abuse, and not the wife whom he stabbed 40 times before beheading her two years ago, is lurching toward a merciful end. The "Mo Show," which will go down among the lamest defenses in judicial history, is scheduled for closing arguments Monday.

The witnesses Hassan called Thursday were supposed to extricate him from his deep legal hole. Instead, they helped to dig his figurative grave. With "friends" like these, I hate to imagine what Hassan's enemies have to say.

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