One cannot tell the truth or venture one's opinion about Islam or about Muslim behaviors without risking being slandered, heckled, censored, sued, impoverished, physically attacked, and, more rarely, murdered.

And that's for those of us lucky enough to be living in the free West. What happens to dissident and feminist thinkers and writers in Muslim-majority countries is far worse; their bravery continues to inspire me at a very dark moment in history.

The Western punishments are as follows:

One loses one's left, liberal, and feminist friends. One is not invited to their parties, funerals, or conferences. One is not invited to lecture. One's past contribution is written out of their history. Meanwhile, one is forced to debate vicious liars and propagandists in order to be "heard" at all. One is shouted out of classrooms and lecture halls or forced to speak under hostile, tense, oppressive, and potentially dangerous working conditions. One requires bodyguards on campus.

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