While the civilized world is relieved at the demise of Osama bin Laden, a judge in Hamburg has lodged a legal complaint against German Chancellor Angela Merkel for expressing joy over his death.

At a press conference after the US Navy SEALS successful mission, Merkel said she was "happy" it had succeeded in killing bin Laden. This relatively harmless statement, which probably represents the view of many Germans, caused the judge to file a two-page complaint against the German chancellor. In it, he claims Merkel violated paragraph 140 of the German penal code that condemns the "rewarding and sanctioning" of a criminal act and could result in the German chancellor's having to appear in court.

Not unexpectedly, the death of Osama bin Laden did not cause an outpouring of relief among Germany's political left but rather a feeling of anger. Like the judge, the German left has also rushed to take advantage of Merkel's allegedly inappropriate remarks and has "massively" criticised the leader of Germany's ruling conservative Christian Democratic Union Party for "celebrating" an illegal "execution."

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