In responding to the article Robert Spencer and I wrote about the Center American Progress report smearing critics of Islamo-fascism in the United States and abroad as an "Islamophobic" bigots who needed to be stigmatized and read out of polite society, Matthew Duss merely repeats the slander comparing us to nutcases like Robert Welch, who believed in wild conspiracy theories and thought Dwight Eisenhower was a Communist.

Duss — who obviously has never read (or never understood) an article or book by Spencer or myself — begins his character assassination by accusing us of spreading "hateful anti-Muslim ideas" with not a shred of evidence presented that would back up the slander, and then denies with a straight face that he or the authors of the CAP report "use the term 'Islamophobia' lightly." Indeed. According to Duss's definition of Islamophobia, anyone criticizing pedophilia among some Catholic priests or using the term "clerical fascism" to describe the Church's support for Franco during the Spanish Civil War would be judged to be anti-Catholic or a "Catholic-phobe."

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