Mud-slinging aside, what's the real deal on Republican Governor Christie's choice of a questionable Muslim lawyer for a Superior Court judgeship?

Truth be told, it's a more than a little unsettling that Christie is moving forward with Sohail Mohammed's appointment. But not because of fears about him imposing Sharia, or the beginnings of the end for the United States.

Mohammed offered to legally represent an extremist Palestinian rally in 2000, where Jewish stars were equated with swastikas, etc. However, he has since been involved in interfaith activities with Jews. He has repeatedly condemned acts of terror. However, he has also zealously defended his clients, even those linked to terror. But isn't that what we expect from a good lawyer and candidate for a judgeship? He has also served as a character witness for an imam with links to Hamas, but in all fairness it was his religious leader and many people would go to bat for their preacher.

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