According to the Ministry of the Interior in France, there are 20,000 African polygamous Muslim men living there. These Muslim immigrants know how to work the system. First, they come in with a tourist visa, apply for a residency card, and then go on social welfare.  Even though it is an illegal practice, France will not deport them because of the children involved. And the more children they have, the wealthier they become.  According to the statistics, there are 300,000 people living under such arrangements.  A little math will tell you that this translates into an average of 15 people to a family and French taxpayers are on the hook for them, since they are occupying social housing–an expensive venture.

In Ontario, Canada, a similar thing is happening:  although polygamous marriages are illegal, these Muslims have found a loophole: When they simply marry several wives in another country, the existing arrangements are permitted into Ontario.  A scandalous report came out in the Toronto Sun charging that hundreds of polygamous men are receiving welfare and social benefits for each of their spouses.

There needs to be a public outcry, but because of political correctness–fueled by special interest guard dogs and of course the far Left manipulated media–nothing is done.

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