On May 25, Manhattan Community Board 1 gave their nod of approval to construction of a highly contested, 15-story mega-mosque at the former Park Place Burlington Coat Factory — 600 feet from Ground Zero.

But this is hardly a final word on the matter.

New York City community boards function as mere advisory bodies, with no authority to make legally binding decisions for or against any proposed New York City structure. And while a motion to postpone the vote was defeated, the approval hardly represented resounding community support: only one board member voted no, but ten members abstained.

Nevertheless, the matter concerns far more than New York City planning, zoning, or community board politics. Following jihad doctrine, 19 Muslims attacked the U.S., as a nation, on 9/11. They attacked all nations whose citizens were among the nearly 3,000 murdered. Not surprisingly, the Muslim Gulf states are carefully watching the debate.

Obviously, this matter is no less Earth-shattering to Americans than the erstwhile plans of President Obama to conduct Khalid Sheikh Mohammed's trial in a New York City federal civilian court. The nation spoke in a unified voice against that plan, and stopped it cold. The nation, with a unified voice, can stop construction of any mosque near Ground Zero as well.

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