The threat from Islam seems to be growing. For example, the last twelve months saw the largest number ever of attempted and successful terrorist attacks on American soil. Meanwhile, books such as Paul Sperry's Infiltration, and Sperry and David Gaubatz's Muslim Mafia warn that Muslim Brotherhood agents have penetrated deep into the corridors of power and influence.

Yet official America is still in denial. The words "jihad," "Islam," "Islamic terrorism" and just plain "terrorism" are off-limits in polite government and military circles. Attorney General Eric Holder couldn't even bring himself to use the term "radical Islam" when questioned on the subject the other day. At the same time, the mainstream media continue to deny that Islamic beliefs are the main factor in terrorist attacks. Thus, several reporters portrayed Faisal Shazhad, the Times Square bomber, as just another case of mortgage meltdown. Meanwhile, Comedy Central prudently decided that He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Depicted will not be depicted. And amazingly, the people who point to the increasing threat from Islam are still written-off as "alarmists." Sometimes, as in the cases of Mark Steyn, Geert Wilders, and others, the "alarmists" are hauled before courts and tribunals to answer for their alarmism.

Every once in a while, for sanity's sake, you need to take a break from such grim reports. So today I'm recommending you pull yourself away from the bad news on the blog sites, and escape into the world of fantasy. Take a breather. Ease up on yourself. For example, you could immerse yourself for a few days in one of the "Harry Potter" series. Forget about the jihad. Instead, transport yourself to the magical world of Hogwarts.

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