I recently received a transcript of a Q&A session with Daisy Khan which occured this past July at the Chautauqua Institution. Khan is the wife of the infamous Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf — the man behind the highly controversial Islamic supremacist mega-mosque scheduled to be built blocks away from the ruins of the World Trade Center.

Here is the transcript of the question involving me, and Daisy Khan's response:

Q: There is a woman from the west coast I believe, I'm not sure of her name, her family name is Sultan I think, and maybe something like …

DK: Wafa Sultan.

Q: Yeah. And I'm wondering if you can speak to her, how should I put this … her views are somewhat different and more anti-Islamic, I believe. She has testified in some freedom of speech trial in the Netherlands recently, and I wonder if you can speak about her views and how it all fits together.

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