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Title Publication Date
Opuib: Canvas Conundrum: An Art History Professor's Brush with Controversy [incl. Omid Safi] Verde Magazine (Palo Alto High School) March 9, 2023
Lawsuit Concerning Hamline Adjunct Professor, Prophet Muhammad Controversy Moved Back to Federal Court KARE 11 News March 9, 2023
Is There a Cost to Free Speech on College Campuses? Deseret News March 5, 2023
Whitman Discusses Dispute Over Academic Freedom at Hamline University Whitman Wire February 23, 2023
Hamline University Makes '10 Worst Colleges For Free Speech' List Patch February 10, 2023
Federal Judge Dismisses Fired Professor's Lawsuit Against Hamline University KARE 11 News February 9, 2023
Art History Professor Moves to Dismiss Federal Lawsuit Against Hamline, Plans to File New Suit Sahan Journal February 9, 2023
Dispute Over Muhammad Depiction Roils Minnesota School WORLD February 7, 2023
America's Worst Colleges for Free Speech: Hamline University Makes Top 10 List After Prophet Muhammad Controversy that Saw Professor let go - as it Joins Trans Swimmer Lia Thomas' University of Pennsylvania Daily Mail February 5, 2023
Dismissed Faculty Member now Suing Hamline University for Discrimination, Defamation Campus Reform February 3, 2023
Panelists Discuss how the Hamline University Controversy Could Have Been Handled Better in a Diverse Culture [incl. Omid Safi] Baptist News Global February 1, 2023
What Went Wrong at Hamline? The Christian Century February 1, 2023
Open Letter to Hamline U. President The Chronicle of Higher Education January 30, 2023
Academic Freedom and Adjunct Instructors who Aren't so Free to Speak Boston Globe January 28, 2023
Hamline Video Reveals Painting of Prophet Muhammad was Visible to Students Before Trigger Warning The Oracle (Hamline University) January 27, 2023
Student Groups Show Support for Minnesota College President Associated Press January 27, 2023
The Lessons of Hamline University Minding the Campus January 27, 2023
Dr. Amna Khalid Hosts Panel of Scholars to Discuss Hamline 'Islamophobic' Incident The Oracle (Hamline University) January 26, 2023
Prof Sues Hamline U. After School Punished Her for Showing Image of Muhammad in Art Class Breitbart News January 26, 2023
Hamline Faculty Calls on President to Step Down Inside Higher Ed January 26, 2023
Hamline University Faculty Call for President's Resignation After Art History Instructor's Dismissal Diverse: Issues In Higher Education January 26, 2023
Hamline Faculty Call for University President's Resignation Hyperallergic January 26, 2023
After an Art Controversy, Hamline Faculty Urge Their President to Resign The Nation January 24, 2023
A Tale of Two Muslim Generations First Things January 23, 2023
Muslim Community Honors Prophet Muhammad After Incident at Hamline University Fox 9 KMSP January 23, 2023
Why the Media Didn't Publish the Muhammad Paintings at the Heart of the Hamline Controversy New Lines Magazine January 23, 2023
A University Violates American Principles to Appease Muslim Student Activists National Review January 21, 2023
Lecturer Accused of "Islamophobia" Sues University AsAm News January 20, 2023
How Art of the Prophet Muhammad Threw a College into the National Spotlight The Washington Post January 18, 2023
Outrage Over an Image of Muhammad Is Itself Islamophobia Bloomberg News January 18, 2023
Now Hamline University Says it was a 'Misstep' to Condemn Art History Professor for Showing Image of the Prophet Muhammad and Admits it only Called her 'Islamophobic' to Appease Muslim Students... Two Hours After she Sued Them for Defamation Daily Mail January 18, 2023
Showing the Prophet Muhammad's Paintings in a Classroom is Not Islamophobic JURIST January 17, 2023
After Lecturer Sues, Hamline University Walks Back its 'Islamophobic' Comments The New York Times January 17, 2023
Fired Professor Sues Hamline for Discrimination, Defamation KARE 11 News January 17, 2023
Art Professor SUES Hamline University for Defamation and RELIGIOUS DISCRIMINATION After she was Fired and Branded Islamophobic for Showing Painting of Muhammad [incl. Muqtedar Khan] Daily Mail January 17, 2023
Continued Criticism Leads Hamline to Reconsider (Maybe) Inside Higher Ed January 17, 2023
'Canceling' Islamic History is a Disservice to Muslim Students The Dallas Morning News January 16, 2023
The Academic-Freedom Controversy that Won't Die The Chronicle of Higher Education January 13, 2023
Hamline University's Free Speech Controversy Shows the Collapse of the Professoriate MSNBC January 13, 2023
The Prophet Muhammad Wouldn't Have Flipped Out Over a Painting The Daily Beast January 13, 2023
CAIR Says Hamline University Teacher is not Islamophobic [incl. Todd Green] Religion News Service January 13, 2023
Hamline University Under Fire for Art Professor's Dismissal [incl. Muqtedar Khan] Associated Press January 13, 2023
CAIR's National Arm Steps in to 'Clarify' Position on Hamline Prof. Patch January 13, 2023
Academic Freedom is Not a Matter of Opinion The Atlantic January 12, 2023
Fired Hamline University Professor who Showed Artwork of Prophet Muhammad Breaks Silence and Hires Lawyer to 'Explore Legal Options' - as Muslim Student Doubles Down on Claim she was 'Blindsided' Daily Mail January 12, 2023
The Role of Blackness in the Hamline Islamic art Controversy Religion News Service January 12, 2023
When Showing Classical Islamic Art is a Firing Offense [incl. Omid Safi] WORLD January 12, 2023
Hamline University Hits Back at Professor Fired for Showing Class a Painting of Muhammad - Says Student Who Complained was 'Harmed' by Seeing the Image and that Teacher 'Failed to Safeguard' her Daily Mail January 11, 2023
Hamline Student, Former Instructor at Center of Debate Over Religion, Academic Freedom Speak Out MPR News January 11, 2023
Muslim Leaders Speak on Hamline University Professor who Showed Image of the Prophet Muhammad ABC News January 11, 2023
As a Muslim, I am Disgusted a Teacher has been Fired by a Craven College for Showing an Image of Mohammed. Don't the Left-Wing Wokeists Realise they aren't Helping my Religion - they are Threatening its Very Existence? [incl. Nicholas Damask] Daily Mail January 11, 2023
CAIR MN Backs Student Who Says she was Hurt by Instructor Showing Image of Muhammad [incl. Todd Green] Religion News Service January 11, 2023
Should University Have Fired Lecturer for Showing Painting of Prophet Muhammad? [incl. Todd Green] GV Wire January 11, 2023
Perils to Free Speech from Woke and Anti-Woke [incl. Omid Safi] The Bulwark January 11, 2023
Hamline University Could LOSE its Accreditation for 'Failing to Protect Academic Freedom' after Firing Professor who Showed Painting of Prophet Muhammad - as the ACLU Slams it for 'Punishing Educators for Presenting Controversial Material' Daily Mail January 11, 2023
Hamline Enters the National Spotlight — for All the Wrong Reasons The Oracle (Hamline University) January 10, 2023
Petition Supporting Professor Fired for Islamophobia Signed by Thousands Newsweek January 10, 2023
Hamline University is Accused of 'Privileging Extreme Islamist Views' and 'Pandering' to Students' Whims by Firing Professor who Showed Medieval Painting of the Prophet Muhammad in an Online Class - as 8,000 Sign Petition to Support her Daily Mail January 9, 2023
Muslim Public Affairs Council Statement of Support for Hamline Professor Who Showed Muhammad Paintings Volokh Conspiracy (Reason Magazine) January 9, 2023
Hamline University Professor is FIRED for Showing 14th Century Painting of the Prophet Muhammad to Class After a Muslim Student Complained that it Offended her Religion - Despite Being Warned Before the Image was Put on Screen Daily Mail January 8, 2023
An Art Treasure Long Cherished by Muslims is Deemed Offensive. But to Whom? The Guardian January 8, 2023
A Lecturer Showed a Painting of the Prophet Muhammad. She Lost Her Job. [incl. Omid Safi, Todd Green] The New York Times January 8, 2023
Art History Professor Fired for Using Ancient Paintings of Muhammad in Class [incl. Omid Safi] OnlySky Media January 6, 2023
Banning Blasphemy, Hamline Cancels Academic Freedom Star Tribune January 5, 2023
Minnesota Professor Reportedly Fired for Showing Paintings of Prophet Muhammad Hyperallergic January 4, 2023
The Review: Fired for Teaching Art History The Chronicle of Higher Education January 3, 2023
An Image of the Prophet Muhammad Ignites an Academic Storm [incl. Omid Safi] Religion News Service January 3, 2023
Academic Freedom vs. Rights of Muslim Students Inside Higher Ed January 3, 2023
Islam and the Case Against Cultural Amnesia New Lines Magazine December 30, 2022
Most of All, I am Offended as a Muslim The Chronicle of Higher Education December 29, 2022
Hamline Student Newspaper (the Oracle) Removed Published Defense of Lecturer Who Showed Painting of Muhammad [incl. Omid Safi] Volokh Conspiracy (Reason Magazine) December 26, 2022
Hamline University Lecturer "Is Fired Over a Medieval Painting of the Prophet Muhammad" [incl. Omid Safi] Volokh Conspiracy (Reason Magazine) December 26, 2022
An Academic Is Fired Over a Medieval Painting of the Prophet Muhammad New Lines Magazine December 22, 2022
Middle East Studies Offered at Hamline University [incl. Leila DeVries] News of Hamline University February 16, 2012
Campus Watch Research
Title Publication Date
Campus Watch Weekly Update March 12, 2023
Campus Watch Weekly Update March 6, 2023
Campus Watch Weekly Update February 13, 2023
Campus Watch Weekly Update February 6, 2023
Campus Watch Weekly Update January 30, 2023
CAIR vs. CAIR at Hamline Univ.; Inciting a Firing Focus on Western Islamism January 25, 2023
Campus Watch Weekly Update January 23, 2023
Campus Watch Weekly Update January 16, 2023
Campus Watch Weekly Update January 9, 2023
Islamists Enforce Blasphemy Laws at Hamline College, Suffer Blowback Focus on Western Islamism January 4, 2023