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Middle East Studies in the News
Title Publication Date
The Odd Case of a University of Michigan Program, Middle East Money and Two Accused Professors [incl. Sherman Jackson] Deadline Detroit January 31, 2018
Dr. Sherman Jackson: 'Build People Up, Don't Tear Them Down' The Muslim Observer March 12, 2015
USC scholar discusses American Muslims with President Obama [on Sherman Jackson] USC News (University of Southern California) February 24, 2015
Names of "Muslim Leaders" Who Visited White House This Week Revealed [incl. Sherman Jackson] Fousesquawk Blog February 6, 2015
Obama Quietly Hands Out Names of Muslim Leaders He Met With Privately [incl. Sherman Jackson] The Washington Times February 6, 2015
Muslim-American Leaders Meet with Obama at White House [incl. Sherman Jackson] Detroit Free Press February 5, 2015
Obama Seeks Alliance With Islamic Groups [incl. Sherman Jackson] Daily Caller February 5, 2015
Revealed: Names of Seven American Muslim Leaders at White House 'Anti-Muslim Bigotry' Meeting [incl. Sherman Jackson] Breitbart News February 5, 2015
Lecture at University of Tennessee Did Not Promote Islam [Letter to the Editor; on Sherman Jackson] Knoxville News Sentinel December 15, 2014
Sherman Jackson Takes His Sharia Propaganda to University of Tennessee Fousesquawk Blog October 30, 2014
Speaker Aims to Connect Shari'ah Law with U.S. Constitution [on Sherman Jackson] The Daily Beacon (student newspaper, U. of Tennessee) October 28, 2014
How to Earn a Doctorate in Religion [incl. Sherman Jackson] USC News (University of Southern California) October 13, 2014
The Shariah Workshop at Loyola Marymount University [incl. Sherman Jackson, Tariq Ramadan] Fousesquawk Blog April 21, 2012
U-M's Muslim Students' Association Invites Ann Arbor to Take a Walk in Their Shoes [incl. Sherman Jackson] November 18, 2010
Campus Watch in the Media
Title Publication Date
Obama Invited Leader Of Terror Co-Conspirator Group To Meeting [incl. Sherman Jackson] Investor's Business Daily February 6, 2015
Campus Watch Research
Title Publication Date
New Campus Watch Resource: Professors to Avoid Campus Watch, a Project of the Middle East Forum June 23, 2016
MESA and IIIT: Islamists Infiltrating Academia American Thinker October 30, 2014
Jewish Theological Seminary Hosts Islamic Triumphalists American Thinker November 14, 2010
The Professor's Islamist Call to Battle [on Sherman Jackson] Frontpage Magazine March 22, 2010
Campus Watch Blog
Title Publication Date
Sharia Advocate & USC Prof Sherman Jackson Opens DNC Campus Watch Blog July 27, 2016