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Middle East Studies in the News
Title Publication Date
Oberlin Faces New Controversy over Islamic Scholar's Support of the Rushdie Fatwa [incl. Mohammad Jafar Mahallati] August 15, 2022
Is a Rutgers University Professor Advising Allies of BDS? [incl. Sahar Aziz] The Jewish Link April 27, 2022
Iranian Leaders Shun 'Chalice of Poison' [incl. Ervand Abrahamian] The Christian Science Monitor June 28, 2019
NE Middle East Politics Conference Convened News of Hamilton College April 16, 2019
Q&A with History Professor Golnar Nikpour The Dartmouth (student newspaper for Dartmouth College) February 20, 2019
Global Academic, Cultural Leaders Declare 'European Imperative' to Save Iran Deal [incl. Hamid Dabashi, Ervand Abrahamian] Bourse and Bazaar May 21, 2018
CUNY Awards Top Faculty Honors to Proponent of BDS Movement [on Beth Baron] Washington Free Beacon August 24, 2017
The Hypocrisy of the Middle East Studies Association AEIdeas June 30, 2017
Common Read Tells Story of Arab, Muslim Americans [incl. Moustafa Bayoumi] The Collegian (student newspaper at South Dakota State University) April 26, 2017
The Unbearable Hypocrisy of MESA Commentary February 8, 2017
Disruption and Uncertainty Ripple Across a Discipline [Interview with Beth Baron] The Chronicle of Higher Education January 31, 2017
Open Letters from CUNY Faculty and Students to President Chase Robinson Regarding the Replacement of Dr. Anny Bakalian, Associate Director of the Middle East and Middle Eastern American Center (MEMEAC) Jadaliyya March 17, 2016
The PEN Ten with Moustafa Bayoumi PEN American Center November 3, 2015
"How Does It Feel To Be A Problem?" Author Due to Visit Campus [on Moustafa Bayoumi] The Northerner Online (student newspaper of Northern Kentucky University) November 20, 2014
The Lunatic 'Academic Boycott' of Israel New York Post October 12, 2014
CUNY Student Body Postpones BDS Move 'Out of respect for Shabbat' [incl. Kristofer Petersen-Overton] Haaretz September 14, 2014
Jihad and Higher Education [incl. Rabab Abdulhadi] American Thinker June 1, 2014
Experts Shed Light on Women, Uprisings in Middle East [incl. Beth Baron] The Daily Targum (student newspaper of of Rutgers University) April 3, 2014
Brooklyn College Struggles Over Alleged Anti-Semitism Began Prior to Current Controversy [incl. Kristofer Petersen-Overton] Jewocity April 4, 2012
Author Speaks to Students About How it Feels to 'Be a Problem' [on Moustafa Bayoumi] The Scranton Times Tribune November 28, 2011
Moustafa Bayoumi, Author of "How Does It Feel to Be a Problem," to Visit USC Upstate Campus News of the University of South Carolina Upstate October 10, 2011
Activists Decry CUNY's Award to Kushner at Graduation Arutz Sheva ( June 5, 2011
Bashing Israel on Campus, from California to New York [incl. Norman Finkelstein] American Thinker June 2, 2011
Exchanging Freely Phi Beta Cons (Blog of National Review Online) May 10, 2011
CUNY Trustees Stand Up Against Faculty's Anti-Israel Sentiments [incl. Moustafa Bayoumi] Minding the Campus May 5, 2011
CUNY Blocks Honor for Tony Kushner [incl. Norman Finkelstein] The New York Times May 5, 2011
Garthwaite to Retire at End of Term The Dartmouth April 6, 2011
Brooklyn College: Civility, Reason, and Academic Freedom [incl. Moustafa Bayoumi] American Council of Trustees and Alumni March 22, 2011
Court: Al-Zahrani Not Competent to Stand Trial [on Richard Antoun] The Press & Sun-Bulletin (Binghamton, NY) February 22, 2011
Academic Freedom Victory at Brooklyn College [on Kristofer Petersen-Overton] Professional Staff Congress News February 2011
Academic Freedom and the Two-Tiered Faculty [on Kristofer Petersen-Overton] The CUNY Grad­u­ate Cen­ter Advocate February 19, 2011
Life After Re-Appointment: Adjunct Lecturer Petersen-Overton Back at Brooklyn College The CUNY Grad­u­ate Cen­ter Advocate February 19, 2011
Brooklyn College Professor Reinstated After Appointment Scandal [on Kristofer Petersen-Overton] The Ticker (student newspaper of Baruch College) February 5, 2011
Local Universities Keep Wary Eye on Unrest, Help US Students Flee Egypt The Boston Globe February 1, 2011
Foul Play at Bard? [on Joel Kovel, incl. Middle East Studies Association] The Graduate Center Advocate May 2009
Fantasizing "The New McCarthyism" [on "Academic Freedom and the Attack on Diversity at CUNY,"; incl. Nadia Abu El-Haj, Khalil Gibran International Academy, Debbie Almontaser, Rashid Khalidi, et al.] FrontPage Magazine May 22, 2008
The Scapegoats of Khartoum and CUNY Faculty Union [on Sharad Karkhanis] Democracy Project Blog December 11, 2007
Sharad Karkhanis Stands on the Moral High Ground Democracy Project November 21, 2007
Free Speech for Sharad [on Sharad Karkhanis, Mohammed Yousry] Democracy Project Blog November 7, 2007
Muzzling a Watchdog? [on Sharad Karkhanis; incl. Mohammed Yousry, Susan Rosenberg] Inside Higher Ed November 2, 2007
Campus Watch in the Media
Title Publication Date
Middle East Studies Profs Back Anti-Semitic BDS Campaign [incl. MESA] The Jerusalem Post November 3, 2016
Letter to San Francisco State U. President Leslie Wong [in Support of Rabab Abdulhadi and SFSU's MOU with An-Najah U.] Middle East Studies Association (MESA) September 19, 2016
The Groupthink Version Of Academic Freedom Minding the Campus March 30, 2010
Academic Repression in the First Person: The Attack on Higher Education and the Necessity of Critical Pedagogy CUNY Graduate Center Advocate February 2007
Petition Deriding "Israel's Aggression" Is Being Circulated by NYU Activists The New York Sun July 31, 2006
Campus Watch Research
Title Publication Date
Campus Watch Weekly Update August 21, 2022
Campus Watch Weekly Update August 14, 2022
Campus Watch Weekly Update May 3, 2022
A Tale of Two Drone Strikes National Review September 21, 2021
Campus Watch Weekly Update June 28, 2021
When It Comes to Israel, Academia Agrees The American Spectator June 25, 2021
Campus Watch Weekly Update May 18, 2020
Sari Nusseibeh Advocates Peace--at Least at CUNY The Algemeiner April 3, 2017
History as Propaganda FrontPage Magazine February 11, 2010
Moonlighting: Non-Specialists in the News
Title Publication Date
The Road to ISIS [incl. Scott Atran] The Chronicle of Higher Education May 20, 2016
Campus Watch Blog
Title Publication Date
BDS Supporter & MESA President Beth Baron Named CUNY Distinguished Professor Campus Watch Blog August 23, 2017
Sari Nusseibeh Advocates Peace--at Least at CUNY Campus Watch Blog April 3, 2017
MESA President Warns That U.S. Academic Conferences Will Be Boycotted Campus Watch Blog January 31, 2017
History as Propaganda Campus Watch Blog February 11, 2010