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Middle East Studies in the News
Title Publication Date
New Director of the Alwaleed Center for Muslim-Christian Understanding Nader Hashemi Expands Community Engagement at SFS [incl. John Esposito] SFS News (Georgetown University) September 29, 2023
A Beckoning for UCLA Israel Studies [incl. Dov Waxman] JNS (Jewish News Syndicate) April 10, 2022
Professor Dov Waxman Gives Debut Lecture, "The Religionization of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict" UCLA International Institute January 17, 2020
Berkeley's Safe Space for Jew-Hatred [on Hatem Bazian; incl. Muhammad Shahid Alam] FrontPage Magazine October 8, 2018
What It Will Take To End The Conflict In Afghanistan [Interview with Valentine Moghadam] News@Northeastern August 24, 2017
3Qs: Growing Tensions Between Saudi Arabia, Iran [on Valen­tine Moghadam] News of Northeastern University January 8, 2016
Too Many Women Among Those Who Despise America and Hate Israel [incl. Hatem Bazian, Lila Abu-Lughod, Juan Cole, Rashid Khalidi, Joseph Massad] Arutz Sheva August 9, 2015
Major Jewish Groups: School Workshop Has Anti-Israel Bias, Flawed Pedagogy [incl. Denis Sullivan] Jewish Business News May 22, 2015
Israel-Hating Biology Prof. to Teach Course on Zionism [incl. Rabab Abdulhadi. Shahid Alam] Frontpage Magazine May 14, 2015
Anti-Semitism is Everywhere But Belongs Nowhere [incl. Muhammad Shahid Alam] The Daily Campus April 6, 2015
How Middle East Studies Professors Handle Bias in the Classroom [incl. Dov Waxman, Rashid Khalidi] The Atlantic August 28, 2014
Northeastern University Finally Responds to ZOA Report of Anti-Semitism in the Classroom, But Takes No Action [incl. Denis Sullivan, M. Shahid Alam] The Algemeiner October 2013
The Write Stuff: ADL Sends a Message to Northeastern [incl. Denis Sullivan, M. Shahid Alam] The Jewish Advocate September 26, 2013
Scholar of Israel to Co-​​Direct Middle East Center at Northeastern Uni­ver­sity [on Dov Waxman] News@Northeastern June 12, 2013
Israel Apartheid Week – Campus Blood Libel [incl. Denis Sullivan and M. Shahid Alam] Frontpage Magazine March 15, 2013
Israel and the Problem at Northeastern [incl. Shahid Alam and Dennis Sullivan] Minding the Campus December 17, 2012
Anti-Israel Professor Removed from Northeastern Faculty List [on Denis Sullivan] The Brandeis Hoot November 2, 2012
Anti-Israel Prof Removed from Jewish Studies Dept at Northeastern U [on Denis Sullivan] Family Security Matters October 24, 2012
'Anti-Israel' Prof. No Longer Listed as Northeastern Jewish Studies Faculty Member [on Denis Sullivan] The Algemeiner October 19, 2012
Anti-Semitism at Northeastern University Arutz Sheva ( September 27, 2012
Northeastern's Professor of Propaganda [on Denis Sullivan] The Jewish Advocate September 14, 2012
Northeastern University — Profs Gone Wild Pajamas Media April 17, 2012
Human Sciences as Relevant Now as in the Past Northeastern University News January 14, 2011
Conservatives Claim Some Victories in Democratic Congress's Higher-Education Bill The Chronicle of Higher Education August 6, 2008
Demand to Learn Arabic Rising [on Northeastern University] The Northeastern News September 24, 2007
Northeastern U's Professor of Jihad FrontPage Magazine January 5, 2005
The Suicide of Shahid Alam Reason December 30, 2004
Prof shocks Northeastern with defense of suicide bomber Boston Herald September 5, 2002
Israel Studies Has an Israel Problem [incl. Dov Waxman] Sapir Journal Summer 2022
Title Publication Date
What went wrong? Al-Ahram December 12, 2002
Zionist Theses and Anti-Theses Palestine Chronicle November 27, 2002
A Colonizing Project Built On Lies The Independent April 20, 2002
Lies of Desperation: Answering Thomas Friedman Counterpunch April 3, 2002
How Different are Islamic Societies Asian Affairs March 2002
Campus Watch in the Media
Title Publication Date
U.S. Colleges: Middle East Money Speaks to Silence Socrates The Blaze February 11, 2016
Anti-Semitic Tirade at Al-Quds U. Phi Beta Cons January 14, 2008
Professor Compared Terrorists to Founding Fathers Fox News February 2, 2005
Action Alert [regarding M. Shahid Alam of Northeastern University] February, 2005
Campus Watch: Interview with Prof M. Shahid Alam Electronic Intifada September 26, 2002
Campus Watch Research
Title Publication Date
Campus Watch Weekly Update October 22, 2023
Campus Watch Weekly Update August 14, 2022
Campus Watch Weekly Update April 11, 2022
Campus Watch Weekly Update March 15, 2021
Encouraging Palestinians to Swim Uphill JNS (Jewish News Syndicate) August 5, 2019
'Student Voices' Exposes Anti-Semitism in the College Classroom The Algemeiner July 26, 2015
Profs on Boston Bombing: Blame Right-Wingers, 'Islamophobia,' and Blowback FrontPage Magazine May 7, 2013
M. Shahid Alam: Northeastern University's Historical Hoaxer American Thinker November 17, 2012
Northeastern University's Islamists American Thinker October 14, 2012
Moonlighting: Non-Specialists in the News
Title Publication Date
Northeastern University Attacks Holocaust Survivors [incl. Norman Finkelstein] American Thinker April 22, 2012
Campus Watch Blog
Title Publication Date
M. Shahid Alam: Northeastern University's Historical Hoaxer Campus Watch Blog November 17, 2012
Northeastern University's Islamists Campus Watch Blog October 15, 2012