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Middle East Studies in the News
Title Publication Date
Rep. Foxx Widens House Committee's Antisemitism Investigation to Include Rutgers [incl. Sahar Aziz] The Washington Times March 27, 2024
House Committee Launches Antisemitism Investigation into Rutgers University [incl. Sahar Aziz] The Washington Examiner March 27, 2024
Biden Judicial Pick Hobnobbed with Anti-Israel Activists at Event Sponsored by Terrorism-Tied Group [incl. Sahar Aziz" The Washington Examiner March 7, 2024
Soros Network Gave Paid Fellowship to Head of Anti-Israel Center Propping up Terrorism [incl. Sahar Aziz, Rabab Abdulhadi, Hatem Bazian The Washington Examiner February 14, 2024
Pressure Mounts Over Biden Judicial Pick's Role at Anti-Israel Group Propping up Terrorism [incl. Sahar Aziz, Joseph Massad, Hatem Bazian, Rabab Abdulhadi] The Washington Examiner February 13, 2024
Why are US Universities Rehabilitating a Convicted Palestinian Terrorist? [incl. John Esposito, Jonathan Brown] The Algemeiner March 8, 2023
San Francisco State University-Affiliated Program Hosts Speakers Linked to Terrorist Groups [incl. Rabab Abdulhadi] Campus Reform September 29, 2022
S.F. State Professor Hosts Speakers in Beirut Linked to Terrorist groups [incl. Rabab Abdulhadi] J. Weekly September 15, 2022
Radical Exchange: How Turkey and Iran Infiltrate Young American Minds [incl. Lubna Qutami, Rabab Abdulhadi] National Review July 25, 2021
Former Leader of Palestinian Islamic Jihad Buried in Syria Middle East Eye June 8, 2020
Sami Al-Arian: Farewell to a Tenured Terrorist [incl. John Esposito] FrontPage Magazine February 6, 2015
USF Professor Mark Orr, Known for Work in International Studies [incl. Ramadan Abdullah Shallah] St. Petersburg Times January 6, 2010
Islamic Jihad Holds Kidnap Training [incl. former U. of South Florida prof. Ramadan Abdullah Shallah] Jihad Watch August 26, 2008
Are There Lessons To Be Learned At USF? [incl. Ramadan Abdullah Shallah] Counterterrorism Blog June 18, 2008
The Palestinian Islamic Jihad's "Education Wing" Investigate Project on Terrorism May 1, 2008
Al-Arian Subject of New Film [on U. of South Florida's Sami Al-Arian] The Ledger May 15, 2007
Crown Center Fellow Under Fire for Paper [on Khalil Shikaki] The Brandeis Hoot March 2, 2007
Mentoring a "Martyrdom" Supporter FrontPage Magazine August 31, 2006
We don't need reason to hold you, Hammoudeh told [on a Sami al-Arian associate] St. Petersburg Times March 23, 2006
Court To Monitor Hammoudeh Detention Tampa Tribune March 22, 2006
Lawyers Say Holding Hammoudeh Legal Tampa Tribune March 22, 2006
Was indictment misleading? [on a Sami al-Arian co-conspirator] St. Petersburg Times March 18, 2006
Lawyer seeks order to free Hammoudeh March 9, 2006
Judge To Sign Order That Would Release Hammoudeh Tampa Tribune February 22, 2006
Judge: Hammoudeh should be released St. Petersburg Times February 21, 2006
Family arrives in Jordan, Sameh Hammoudeh remains in a Bradenton jail, still separated from his family [accused al-Arian co-conspirator] St. Petersburg Times February 8, 2006
Removal ends a family's nightmare [on accused al-Arian co-conspirator Sameeh Hammoudeh] St. Petersburg Times January 23, 2006
Al-Arian Peer Longs For Home [on Sameeh Hammoudeh] Tampa Tribune December 28, 2005
No Convictions for Al-Arian Inside Higher Ed December 7, 2005
Jury Acquits Sami Al-Arian on Some Terrorism Charges, Deadlocks on Others Chronicle of Higher Education December 7, 2005
Al-Arian Verdict Deals a Blow To U.S. Anti-Terror Campaign New York Sun December 7, 2005
The Al-Arian Mistrial New York Sun December 7, 2005
The man behind the Palestinians' hard line [on Ramadan Shallah, indicted with Sami al-Arian] St. Petersburg Times November 20, 2005
Al-Arian Lied to the Press and Immigration Authorities, Lawyer Concedes New York Sun November 10, 2005
Lawyer Admits Al-Arian Lied Tampa Tribune November 9, 2005
In Closing Arguments, Prosecutors Argue That Evidence Proves Fla. Professor Sought to Aid Terrorists [on the al-Arian trial] Chronicle of Higher Education November 9, 2005
Defense Casts Al-Arian as Fighter Akin to Heroes of American Revolution New York Sun November 9, 2005
'Professor by Day, Terrorist by Night' [on the al-Arian trial] New York Sun November 8, 2005
Funds went to charities, witness testifies [on the Sami al-Arian case] St. Petersburg Times November 1, 2005
Witness Defends Gifts To Muslim Charity [on the Sami al-Arian case] Tampa Tribune November 1, 2005
Case against three built on bank records [on the Sami al-Arian case] St. Petersburg Times October 23, 2005
Al-Arian Trial Focused On Finances Tampa Tribune September 12, 2005
Collected `Charity' Went Elsewhere, FBI Agent Testifies At Al-Arian Trial Tampa Tribune September 2, 2005
Terrorist Professor [on Sami al-Arian] FrontPage Magazine August 26, 2005
Al-Arian scrambled to prove legitimacy Bradenton Herald August 19, 2005
Al-Arian Lied To Help In-Law, Prosecutors Say Tampa Tribune August 18, 2005
Al-Arian Prosecutors Showcase Media Tampa Tribune August 12, 2005
Media linked Al-Arian, terrorism St. Petersburg Times August 11, 2005
Jihad Trial Transcript Bemoans Effects Of Living In U.S. Tampa Tribune August 11, 2005
Al-Arian Letter To Kuwaiti Offered As Proof Of Guilt Tampa Tribune August 9, 2005
Al-Arian Mocked Terrorism Label Tampa Tribune August 5, 2005
Prosecutors Present Jihad Leaders' Discussions Tampa Tribune August 4, 2005
Wiretaps: Al-Arian tried raid on account St. Petersburg Times August 3, 2005
Al-Arian Wiretap Captured Poem Of Hate For America Tampa Tribune August 2, 2005
Prosecution tells jurors of Al-Arian's role with PIJ St. Petersburg Times August 2, 2005
Court told PIJ pay sent to 4 at think tank [on Sami al-Arian case] St. Petersburg Times July 29, 2005
Jihad Bomber Inspired `Pride' Tampa Tribune July 22, 2005
Jihad Paid For Studies, Feds Say [on accused Al-Arian co-conspirator Sammeeh Hammoudeh] Tampa Tribune June 17, 2005
The Politico Friends of the Florida Professor of Jihad Chronwatch May 15, 2005
USF after Al-Arian St. Petersburg Times April 17, 2005
Boca Raton, City of Terror FrontPage Magazine May 22, 2003
Embedded Terrorist FrontPage Magazine May 14, 2003
U.S. Links Scholar to Terror Funding Wall Street Journal March 17, 2003
Staunch Al-Arian supporter now says he was deceived St. Petersburg Times February 27, 2003
Professors for Terrorist Al-Arian FrontPage Magazine February 24, 2003
The Al-Arian Defense Washington Post February 24, 2003
USF professors vow to stand by colleague Washington Times February 21, 2003
Jihad leader emerged from shadows of USF St. Petersburg Times February 21, 2003
USF Arabic instructor also charged Oracle - University of South Florida February 21, 2003
Profs Duped by Sami Al-Arian February 21, 2003
College to Fire Palestinian Professor Associated Press December 20, 2001
Palestinian Professor Tests Limits of Liberty in U.S. During a Decade of Islamic Activism Wall Street Journal October 1, 2001
Campus Watch in the Media
Title Publication Date
Un Terroriste dans la Tour d'Ivoire? [on Hassan Diab; incl. John Esposito, Zachary Lockman, Juan Cole, et al.] Lessakel Blog August 16, 2009
Terrorist in the Ivory Tower? [on Hassan Diab; incl. John Esposito, Zachary Lockman, Juan Cole, et al.] Assyrian International News Agency (AINA) August 13, 2009
American Association of University Professors: Lobby for the Left FrontPage Magazine June 4, 2003
Academic Freedom and National Security in Times of Crisis Academe May-June 2003
A Terrorist With Tenure Jewish Week March 7, 2003
Is Middle East Studies a Safe-haven for Terrorists? CNN Moneyline February 25, 2003
Campus Watch Research
Title Publication Date
Campus Watch Update April 1, 2024
Campus Watch Update March 18, 2024
Campus Watch Weekly Update February 14, 2024
Campus Watch Weekly Update March 12, 2023
Campus Watch Weekly Update October 3, 2022
Campus Watch Weekly Update September 19, 2022
Campus Watch Weekly Update August 2, 2021
Campus Watch Weekly Update June 15, 2020
Academic BDS Should Be Directed against Turkey and the Palestinians, Not Israel The Algemeiner January 15, 2019
Why Did U.S. Academics Attend a Conference Led by a Terror Supporter in Erdoğan's Turkey? The Tower October 22, 2018
Middle East Studies Profs Gone Bad American Thinker October 11, 2017
MESA and IIIT: Islamists Infiltrating Academia American Thinker October 30, 2014
Terrorist in the Ivory Tower? [on Hassan Diab; incl. John Esposito, Zachary Lockman, Juan Cole, et al.] FrontPage Magazine August 13, 2009
Middle East Studies Profs. Still Peddling Peaceful Jihad April 28, 2008
Basheer M. Nafi, Co-Editor August 19, 2005
More Praise for "Terrorist Profs" August 7, 2005
Islamists police the classroom January 2, 2004
Terrorist Profs New York Post February 24, 2003
The Terror-Aiding Prof New York Post February 4, 2002
Campus Watch Blog
Title Publication Date
Middle East Studies Profs Head to Turkey, Academic Freedom Be Damned Campus Watch Blog October 11, 2017
Terrorist in the Ivory Tower? The Curious Case of Hassan Diab Campus Watch Blog August 13, 2009
Middle East Studies Profs. Still Peddling Peaceful Jihad Campus Watch Blog April 28, 2008