Campus Watch Research

Title Publication Date
Is a Professor's Job to Teach or Obstruct? [on Kathryn Babayan] The Washington Examiner December 7, 2006
Redeeming the Wayward University System New York Sun November 28, 2006
Are There No Moral Barometers on Campus? [on Amy Gutmann and Penn] The Jewish Exponent November 16, 2006
A Witch's Brew: The Gutmann Affair and Middle East Studies The Washington Examiner November 16, 2006
Rumsfeld and the Realists [describes book review by Hamad Dabashi] The Wall Street Journal November 13, 2006
Joel Beinin Lies about Me Daniel Pipes' Weblog November 6, 2006
Morning Developments on the "Suicide Bomber" Story Democracy Project November 4, 2006
Penn President Poses with "Suicide Bomber" Democracy Project November 2, 2006
9/11 Conspiracy at Public University [on Kevin Barrett] Human Events Online October 27, 2006
Campus Anti-Israel Litmus Tests Must End The Jewish Exponent October 5, 2006
It Takes a Ph.D. in Political Science . . . Daniel Pipes' Weblog September 25, 2006
Moshe Sharon Explains Middle Eastern Realities Daniel Pipes' Weblog September 15, 2006
"We Free Them or They Destroy Us" Daniel Pipes' Weblog September 13, 2006
Cole Case [on Juan Cole at Duke University] National Review Online September 7, 2006
Who Wants Khaled Abou el Fadl Dead? Daniel Pipes' Weblog August 27, 2006
Arab Nationalism Run Rampant at Middlebury Real Clear Politics August 18, 2006
Juan Cole and Yale: The Inside Story Real Clear Politics August 3, 2006
Planned Obsolescence [on the Middle East Studies Association] The Daily Standard August 2, 2006
Popular Notions Laid Bare [rev. of Matthew Levitt, Hamas; J. Millard Burr & Robert Collins, Alms for Jihad; Fawaz Gerges, Journey of the Jihadist] The New York Sun May 23, 2006
Is Campus Watch Part of a Conspiracy? FrontPage Magazine May 12, 2006
Cole is poor choice for Mideast position Yale Daily News April 18, 2006
An Inadvertent Endorsement of Campus Watch FrontPage Magazine April 17, 2006
Bad News from Slippery Rock New York Sun April 11, 2006
Outside View: Language panels revisited United Press International March 20, 2006
Crisis at Columbia: Janaki Bakhle FrontPage Magazine March 6, 2006
Feminist Middle East Studies FrontPage Magazine February 17, 2006
Cartoon Muhammads and the Academic Caricature FrontPage Magazine February 6, 2006
Ties to terrorism? No thanks, Alwaleed Yale Daily News January 17, 2006
Trendy Politics at Europe's Oldest University [Univ. of Bologna] American Thinker January 7, 2006
For the Record National Review Online January 5, 2006
Crisis at Columbia: Columbia's Hysterical Arabist, Zainab Bahrani FrontPage Magazine January 3, 2006