Campus Watch Research

Title Publication Date
CAIR Active in Schools December 29, 2003
Campus Watch Attacked in AAUP Report Campus Watch November 28, 2003
Secrets, Donors and the Edward Said Chair FrontPage Magazine November 19, 2003
The Middle East Studies Left FrontPage Magazine November 6, 2003
Correspondence between Campus Watch and the University of Michigan Campus Watch October 20, 2003
A Blow Against Islamic Extremism FrontPage Magazine October 20, 2003
Muslim Students at Penn Sponsor Nazi FrontPage Magazine October 9, 2003
"The Majesty That He Was": Columbia Colleagues Remember Edward Said October 2, 2003
Campus Watch FrontPage Magazine September 23, 2003
Saving Mideast Studies New York Post September 18, 2003
Anti-Israel U. New York Post August 25, 2003
Who Is Fawaz Gerges? National Review July 21, 2003
[Middle East Studies:] Wasted Money New York Post June 24, 2003
A Saudi Education, Right Here at Home National Review June 19, 2003
Dual Loyalty? June 17, 2003
The New McCarthyism? National Review Online May 21, 2003
The War is Over and We Have Lost National Review Online May 14, 2003
An Iraqi [Cultural] Tragedy New York Post April 22, 2003
Columbia Celebrates Edward Said National Review April 15, 2003
Columbia vs. America New York Post April 1, 2003 Adds Endorsements Campus Watch March 24, 2003
Columbia U's Radical Middle East Faculty FrontPage Magazine March 18, 2003
Terrorist Profs New York Post February 24, 2003
Terrorist Profs New York Post February 24, 2003
Letters to the editor: Jihad and the Professors Commentary February 2003
The rot in our universities National Post January 30, 2003
Campus Watch lists Central Connecticut State University Campus Watch January 7, 2003