Rabab Abdulhadi

We've been busy lately correcting smears against Campus Watch, especially from San Francisco State University professor Rabab Abdulhadi, who has just penned two articles attacking CW and others in light of a lawsuit brought against her by the Lawfare Project. CW West Coast Representative Cinnamon Stillwell responded to Abdulhadi's latest round of falsehoods:

Rabab Abdulhadi, director of San Francisco State University (SFSU)'s Arab and Muslim Ethnicities and Diaspora Initiative (AMED), has penned a two-part (click here and here) approximately 7,000-word response to a Lawfare Project (LP) lawsuit—in which she is named—against SFSU alleging anti-Semitism and discrimination against Jewish students. In the process, Abdulhadi blasts the Middle East Forum/Campus Watch (MEF/CW) campaign to end the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)—also cited in the lawsuit—she brokered between SFSU and terror-promoting An-Najah University in the West Bank. She also commits countless errors and misrepresents CW with the hackneyed clichés to which we've become accustomed.

After acknowledging that she discovered LP's lawsuit not from SFSU's administration but from "a Campus Watch tweet" (we aim to please!), Abdulhadi recounts how she "dreaded" her Twitter notifications due to CW's "nasty attacks." The latter, in fact, are criticism of her role as the architect of the Najah MOU—an extension of her rabidly anti-Israel academic track record. It's nothing personal.

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